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  1. Motorola Droid Verizon Does It Work On Reliance?

    Thanks, I will follow the advise, although I am not into mobile programming. If MEID is registered, I need help for transferring a Reliance Number.
  2. Motorola Droid Verizon Does It Work On Reliance?

    Thanks again for the advice. Meanwhile I vivisted Webworld again and met another official. He suggested that I get it unlocked in Motorola care centre and approach Reliance, after the local centre the local software, it would be acceptable by Reliance. I wonder if the Android OS has a local version too!!
  3. Motorola Droid Verizon Does It Work On Reliance?

    Thanks Dipan for the quick reply. But if Webworld people refuse to register the MEID then who will do the needful? I have already checked that thread. It relates more to the data services, successfully activating EVDO, but I am happy with Droid's WiFi connectivity. I am getting internet through Wifi. I want to activate Voice!!
  4. Motorola Droid Verizon Does It Work On Reliance?

    I also have got a Motorola Droid, unblocked by Verizon itself in US, but Webworld people have refused to accept that and so is the case of Tata indicom and virgin. Is there aby service in India that accepts it? I am yet to contact MTS. I am from Hyderabad, AP
  5. Use Reliance Gsm Gprs Through Pc! Really "true"

    Will it work on CDMA?
  6. Please Suggest A Handset

    Friends! Please suggeste me a handset. My requirements: Basic: 500 + Phone Book Good battery Life. Suggest with or wiothout Camera. FM/MP3 not essential.
  7. Please Suggest A Handset

    Say less than 10K with camera. without camera, it cannot cost more than 5-6K.
  8. Ruim Card On Any Normal Phone

    But now there are dual mode handsets that can add both GSM and CDMA. Surely, in such a handset it should be possible.
  9. RConnect & Linux

    Hello :-) Awwwww, had you been visited our site before you would been using r-connect very long back. Anway cheers for you .............. are you sure the device node you are using is /dev/ttyACM0 I think you need to check your configuration again, /dev/ttyACM* entry is generated by the kernel module cdc-acm.ko, and it's required by the phone havig native usb interface with ACM standard implemented in it. But according to your listed configuration device file should be /dev/ttyUSB* BTW have you fiddled with udev naming for the said device node :-) Cheers .............................. 32243[/snapback] What do you mean by: 3. change Mobile\settings\phone\datarate = 115200 AA