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  1. Confirmed LG& Samsung offer Sent from my Nexus 6 using Jio 4G
  2. Any way of getting employee sim? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  3. rcomwap is not supported in iphone as it support proxyless connection only check with customer care about whether rcomnet is activated 4 ur number ,or else u can subscribe to windows mobile plan which is newly introduced
  4. My complaint regarding mobile internet pack (199Rs) is still not solved even after mailing thinking of escalating that . Give pressure to them then only they really try or else they just take complaint & after 2 days will tell problem solved
  5. use rcomnet as APN , leave proxy, dnsmdhcp as it is , select connect as internet and then try to connect if not reply with phone model details
  6. for using gprs in a windows mobile just use APN only no need to configure other settings in ur mobile wap browsing -APN is rcomwap(charges are 50 paise/MB) net browsing(laptop connectivity - APN is rcomnet (new unlimited plans are introduced so pls check with C.Care)
  7. i also use this 26 rs scheme for some time the data connection problem happens to all after 1MB customer care doesnt acknowledge this problem
  8. boss for windows based phone u just type rcomnet as apn in ur gprs setting nothing else is needed
  9. i heard today that new unlimited plan (instead of 60p/min)is introduced in rconnect any body know the details
  10. can we use this proxy for gsm using windows phone