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  1. << As suggested here, please post your requests regarding hardware purchases in this topic >> ---------------- Hello all. I need valuable suggestions from our gurus to buy ups for my office. Requirements are: 1. Max load is 10 pcs + 200 Watts of sundry load like epabx, router, switch, etc. 2. In summers we have 4+4 hrs power cut. 3. For lights n fans I already have sukam 1500va n that's sufficient. I need suggestions on: 1. To go for online or line interactive 2. Which brand 3. Get only 1 ups of 3000 va or go for 2x 1500va 4. For 3kva go for 48v system or higher or for 1.5kva 24v or 36v. I have checked below brands but not able to decide 1. Microtek 3kva / 72v (80ah) online - 18.5k 2. Apc 3kva / 48v line interactive - 29k 3. Local brand 3kva / 48v Online - 23k All prices without batteries. Awaiting replies ..
  2. OnePlus invites

    yes its claimed bczo it can be claimed only with the id that has got it.. u just need to copy paste it in amazon..
  3. OnePlus invites

  4. OnePlus invites

    need op2 invite
  5. OnePlus invites

  6. OnePlus invites

    I have already claimed it from my email id.. U just need to copy paste in amazon.
  7. OnePlus invites

    sent u email..
  8. OnePlus invites

    need invite... i got 2..but 1 shared on forum n 1 expired...
  9. OnePlus invites

    have one more...
  10. OnePlus invites

    Gave to digitalnirvana
  11. OnePlus invites

    Have invite for op2 Pm if anyone needs
  12. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    This is known issue asking g2..There is no other solution than changing lcd+digitizer... But beware even the changed lcd can go bad..
  13. OnePlus invites

    Dipan, invite sent on ur email... Have few more invites if anyone needs...
  14. This give away is still activeI interested if it's still availableAlready sent to siddharth sethia
  15. Hiteshbhai, Can I have this as I have recently bought a Canon DSLR and it would be helpful for me. Sure... PM me your address.. Ensure this model no is exactly what u need...
  16. Have this canon eos dslr battery charger.. My camera is lost.. So this charger is idle now.. Shipping is free anywhere in India..
  17. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    Couldn't control laughing hardly reading the topic... Cant imagine we used to enjoy epic 4g as beast then... N now, even 2gb ram is not sufficient...
  18. OnePlus invites

    As said earlier, I have just now sent the next invite to Hitesh Kakkad ji... Please check and confirm sir...Thanks kanaga for invite.. Already ordered one.. My invite is open for rimweb members, unless any of my close friends or relatives need it.. I'll post the invite soon..

    Thanks vabs

    Thanks for lovely wishes... Waiting for bday gift pic from @genius
  21. OnePlus invites

    I too want one invite This is my third India Specific invitation sharing (first time for Rimweb) and I am giving this to GuruGopal ji, based on his Rep points and to honour his numerous FREE give-aways to forum members... Please check your Gmail and confirm sir... Next invitation (when I get from friends purchase) will be given to Hiteshkk ji (if he still didn't get invites till that time)... Further I request forum members who get Invite via Rimweb to share at least one (if other two for friends / family members) invite back to fellow Rimweb members... Thanks kanaga.. I'll keep posted if i get.. N promise to share my code here when i get 1..