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  1. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    I just brought HTC desire XC. Best dual cdma handset in India as of now. Totally loving it, especially when i upgraded from samsung. XC is launched a month back and not many are aware of it.
  2. I didnt get this. I have just subscribed to 43 plan. They didnt mention any specifics apart from its 2gb (while sms confirmation said its 3gb)
  3. If I understand this correctly - this is a Sim based phone. And when it gets converted into OMH based ruim handset, it should work with OMH Tata Ruim without directly involving Tata officials,something like using OMH Samsung Galaxy POP. Am I interpreting this wrongly?
  4. Can this be easily activated on Tata? It took me took me a month or so to activate my HTC Touch Pro some 2 years back.
  5. Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA

    I brought this phone from the local non Tata vendor. Very happy with the performance overall. The only issue is the OMH T-sim. I am only able to use my old T-sim on this handset. That means only calls and sms but no data. Tata guys here are very helpful. They tried activating the OMH T-sim but it fails. The OMH card doesn't get activated through their system. Wasted 2 OMH card in the procedure. And I am back to using my non OMH T-sim without data. Does anybody have any clue what must be wrong?
  6. Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA

    Are OMH cards for Tata available easily? I am finding hard to get it in Tata in my city. Have purchased my Pop cdma from a different dealer who too is finding it difficult to get. Can I get it in central mumbai? I'll be visiting Mumbai this sunday. P.S. - My Galaxy POP is working perfect. Would have loved a querty keyboard, but hell its a great deal for 9.5k
  7. Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA

    Oh ok. So I guess I'll have to apply there again and change it to OMH Sim. Just 2 days back I got a routine T-sim after my HTC crashed. Will apply for it tomorrow. Most probably, will buy it tomor and will try to post my views soon. Thanks
  8. Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA

    My HTC Touch pro CDMA for Tata has just died. And I am desperately looking for a newer handset. While I await for a decent offer on Samsung Epic for Tata, I am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy POP. And after Epic (which seems difficult on Tata) I'll gift Samsung Galaxy Pop to my wife. Today, I saw it in a local shop. As I was about to buy it, the shopkeeper said, I'll need an OMH T-sim, without which data wont work! So I am confused. What do I do next?
  9. Sprint Htc Touch Pro - Problems & Solutions

    If I do hard reset, would it display Mighty ROM or original factory configuration? With what should I take the backup? I have SPB backup and SKtools installed. How do I come back to my current configuration after hard reset? Has this anything to do with the battery? Battery don't last for even 5 mins! But then, battery should not affect incoming/outgoing calls, right?
  10. Sprint Htc Touch Pro - Problems & Solutions

    Using HTC Touch Pro since 1 year. (Tata) - Mighty ROM Was working well till yesterday. Connected my netbook to internet via Touch pro. The phone automatically restarted after 5 mins of surfing. Since then following problems have started :- 1) Shows full range but no incoming/outgoing calls/no internet 2) Battery which was perfect till morning suddenly drains in 10 mins 3) Calls/internet doesn't work even on full battery recharge 4) Did SPB restore for system settings....still doesn't work!
  11. Htc Touch Pro - Keypad Not Working

    Hello Gaurav..pming you.
  12. I have been using HTC Touch Pro CDMA with Mighty ROM for Tata since some 8 mons without any major issues. Now suddenly the slideout keypad has stopped working. I can type only using the onscreen touch keypad. I restored the settings back to original settings using 'SK Tools' restore option. But the problem still persists. Could it be a hardware issue? Who will be able to fix it? Thank You.
  13. Some Issues With My Htc Touch Pro Cdma {Tata}

    ^^ Done!! I used SK Tools to explore the registry as it was preinstalled and then edited it as per your instructions...It didnt work initially. But when I did restart (isn't it called soft reset? i am learning new terms day by day!) the phone, it changed to 160 characters. So is 160 the max limit or we can extend it even further? What will be the sms charges it that case? Thanks for the wonderful solution. Made my day!
  14. Some Issues With My Htc Touch Pro Cdma {Tata}

    A new issue which I forgot to mention. 5) Number of characters in one single SMS. More than 130 characters cuts the sms in two parts unlike usual handsets whose sms character limit is 160 characters. So the SMS character limit is just 130 characters. Can we increase it to normal 150 or 160?
  15. Some Issues With My Htc Touch Pro Cdma {Tata}

    Mufaddal bhai... you deserve a big kiss muummmhaaaa and a treat whenever you say This problem was bothering me since quite some time and this is such a relief. Now my phone is complete!! Internet works fine on the phone. Haven't tried on laptop yet but will soon post the review. This is what I did after Mufaddalbhai's post (this might help others in future who might face similar problem) - This is for HTC Touch Pro with Mighty ROM and Windows 6.5 :- 1) ##7778# - Couldn't get to the settings earlier as I was using Resco contact dialer. Use ##778# only in the default dialer. 2) EDIT 3) Unlock code - 000000 4) VIEW INFO 5) MIP settings 6) Changed MIP settings from Mobile IP only to [b]Simple IP only[/b] 7) Used connection settings as mentioned by Sumit. DONE!! I am again very thankful to Sumitbhai, Dkaile bhai and Mufaddal bhai for the efforts taken. Guys like you make this forum a great place to be a part of.