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  1. just posting a table i sent to reliance on how unreasonable the blackberry tariff plans offered by them are and then they expect consumers to subscribe to such crazy plans to even get basic data services from Rworld. God help them coz I think its time to migrate... https://picasaweb.google.com/118206009751926447138/BBTarrif#5591253076891040658
  2. same problem has any solution been found for this
  3. after working on cdma workshop for half a day i believe the chk read error is a bug when connected to a blackberry so is there any other way to upload the Rworld dump for ex thru QXDM or QPST or UniCDMA or something?? Help needed
  4. i have a Blackberry 8130 that has the same problem of having lost mobile internet data services from R World. Now i'm facing two problems is this line valid for Blackberry and if yes what is the code? Dial ##8778# in your phone (code can vary) and select modem in usb section (Fro Fascinate **USBUI) (For HTC ##3424#) does this solution enable mobile internet for browsing on the phone or is it for activating the phone as a modem an early reply will be greatly appreciated i'm on my laptop for the last 6 hours figuring out my spc and finally managed to get it
  5. no problem persists and for the moment i have subscribed to BIS (Blackberry Internet services) but its damn expensive and if i don't find a solution to using cheaper data services i am planning to change either to another service provider or my handset. i am yet to try the solution provided here on this forum but intend to in the next few days
  6. hi I was using the Rworld for Wap browsing but loooks like Reliance have played dirty and blocked of Wap data services. After numerous calls and resets now they say that i need to subscribe to a blackberry data plan. will this solution provided unblock wap on Rworld. can someone put up a link to CDMA workshop 2.7. all three i have downloaded from the net have been detected as trojan by my antivirus
  7. i have a Blackberry 8130. Will this solution work for me also?
  8. Mobile Internet Rates Slashed, Quota Increased!

    hello everyone on this forum thanks for the lovely info available here i have gone thru most of the forum but haven't found a solution to my problem Firstly i have sent an email to RCOM regarding a clarification on the NUC for cdma as charging us while not charging gsm seems ridiculous considering i have been with them for a good 6-7 years...will keep you all posted additionally any clarity on whether the NUC is applicable when using 3rd party browsers Next issue is i have a BB and realized that my usage was minimal so decided to unsubscribe the BB connection and manage my mobile internet needs using WAP. I have subscribed to the Unlimited browsing plan thru R world for Rs 99 presently. Before i got the BB plan deactivated i could use all the apps like google maps, gmail, dictionary,opera mini etc however now the apps don't work and i can browse only thru the R world browser. Is there any way i can have a more unrestricted use of the internet using some (proxy settings) as is mentioned at places. Is it possible to use the 3rd party browsers and the other applications like google maps, gmail, dictionary as mentioned above. Any help on this is really appreciated Thanks Sanjeev