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  2. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    That sounds like sour losers - Losing to a 2nd team - Unable to negotiate counter attacking tactics - needing only a draw to stay top, yet not planning for the occasion and going on attack and getting punished on counter Poor, poor stuff from Rodgers. He sounded so bitter in the post match interview And what can I say about that Aspas corner! This was your best chance to win the league because next year City and Chelsea will both strengthen. You lot might still win it though I am hoping Everton can do us a favor. BR plays attacking football, thats how we have won the games ,outscoring the opponents.Our defence hasnt been the best. One on one with Ba , SM should have done better. Aspas should play one full season in the reserve team, because he was terrible. Playing at home for a draw , isnt his style , if Rafa was managing then he would have played for a point. Next season it wll get difficult to LFC, Man Utd ,City,Chelsea all will buy big and improve their team, with CL next season for LFC it will be very difficult to challenge for the tittle. Spurs will also get a new manager and Gunners will aslo get back fab next season.. So this is the season for LFC to win it
  3. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    2nd Team with players over 150 million value. parking the bus is not new by Chelsea but time wasting from the 1st min is bad sportsmanship. if SG didnt slip i am sure chelsea wont have won , max a draw. Anyways where was the Mourinho bus tonight when they should have parked after torres scored. I am happy that alt madrid taught Blues a lesson at home.
  4. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    LVG is a great coach, has won silverware throught out europe, he might get 100 million transfer kitty as well. if united finish 6th that would mean thrusday night football, which wont help. Filling the Boots of SAF wasnt every going to be easy for DM, yes but united should have finished atleast in top 4 Transfer signings are hit & miss for all clubs, not all managers can be French Professor AW. As for Roy Hodgson he used to play very - style of football ,Fan didnt like it, his record speaks for himself, losing 8 games out of first 18 game,he needed to be sacked & booed. BR has done very well not great as Liverpool didnt do well in the cup games, with only BPL to focus they are doing a great job , but honestly it is the Premier League which we want to win after waiting for 24 long years, only Rafa came close when we finished 2nd.
  5. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    I wasnt praising Moyes, i was just telling what (+,- ) he did in his 10 months as a utd manager. with BR Liverpool finished 7 th last season but we stuck with him & this season we r finishing on a high, if the sacking of was to be done it could have come eariler for Moyes or may be after the last game. i guess its time for united to get back the old man SAF.
  6. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    His tactics, confidence and selection of players was disgusting. Players like kagawa, giggs were on bench while he preferred cleverly and welbeck to start the game. In short DM was defensive minded whereas united is not that team which he thought. I wish all the best for his future. Maybe he will be potential competitor to become manager of Newcastle United as there are rumors. Sent from my VS950 4G using Tapatalk 2 David Moyes sacking could have come at the end of the season, 3 games left and he gets the sack , doesnt make a lot of sense. Not Sure what Giggs will improve in 3 games left. + things which moyes did with united 1. Signed Mata ( he will come good next season for sure) 2. Kept Rooney at the club 3. Did a fair job in CL , until they lost out to Bayer Munich 4. could have taken much more than 5 million in payout which he took. - things which Moyes did 1. Signed Fellaini for a huge sum of Money 2. Bad Man management skills ( he lost the dressing room much eariler than his sacking ) 3. Loss in the FA cup (3rd round ) 4. Liverpool, City & Everton did the double over united I think Man Utd players are also to be blamed for poor showing, i guess they need SAF hair dryer treatment i also think Moyes will get a job soon , Newcastle looks likely or may be Spurs not sure.
  7. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    @ Ankur , Bus parked by JM. I hope second half will better .
  8. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    Liverpool Fan You"ll Never Walk Alone.

    Happy Birthday Hitesh Bhai

    Happy Birthday Kapil
  11. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Apple iPad mini With Wi-Fi (16Gb, White) @ 17,727 Looks like a decent deal. Link : http://www.ebay.in/itm/300946653075?_nkw=300946653075&_rdc=1&_sacat=0&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.in%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40

    Happy Birthday Hetal Bhai

    Happy Birthday KD Bhai
  14. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    Used the 2nd Code - JCYMOF21S2 Thanks Chirag Ji.
  15. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    Thanks Bro, I have used the 2nd last code. i.e. RJAPLSEPHP