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  1. Bb 8330 Battery dead Programming needs to be done. Meid registered for reliance cdma. Last i used it worked great.. Sent from my HTC One dual sim using Tapatalk
  2. Reliance CDMA Network Problem on Moto G CDMA

    sure i will.. @mahadik.anurag ping me on gtalk id: pulkitgupta3195@gmail.com
  3. Suggestion Needed: Sprint iPhone 5c unlock

    last thing patch is only needed for end user who dont knw about apple internal file system. those who knws internal file structure [ifile] they will make changes for works sms and data. just needed device is jailbreaked and commcenter patch thats it its not that simple, by changing file structure its not sure that data and sms will work.. i will wait for ur update.. even i am having jailbreaked devices but still not buying air2 till some one confirms every thing working.. do update when you receive it.. i just hope you are right and every thing except 3g works..
  4. Suggestion Needed: Sprint iPhone 5c unlock

    For info OutGoing Calls and incoming calls working fine. sms also working only lack of 3G. but u can access 2G. just contacted Rsim Dealer HK. buddy even the r-sim team is silent on sms and data how can u be so sure about it? there is no proof of sms and data working anywhere.. the video only shows call working no sms no data.
  5. Reliance CDMA Network Problem on Moto G CDMA

    ^^its prl issue.. write prl again and it will be done..
  6. Suggestion Needed: Sprint iPhone 5c unlock

    ^^^^^Don't be very happy... it only allows outgoing and incoming calls.. no sms no data.. for that a patch will be released, when no one knows.. then there is possibility that patch may not work till jailbreak arrives
  7. Suggestion Needed: Sprint iPhone 5c unlock

    Can't you activate with a sprint nano sim and later use R-sim? I am asking to clear my doubt, not suggesting anything. no it will not work.. every time you put in a non sprint sim it will go to activation screen and stuck thr..
  8. Suggestion Needed: Sprint iPhone 5c unlock

    I dont think this will work.. i have tried all rsim versions but all stuck on activation screen. there is no way to bypass activation screen in 5c and 5s locked on sprint.
  9. How are the sellers sourcing phones?

    review center in Merut where each parameters are tested by edge of SWORD- Dheeraj Ji

    Happy Birthday Hitesh Bhai

    Thanks all for the lovely wishes..

    Happy Birthday Shreesh..

    Happy birthday day KAMAL Sir