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  1. I've updated my verizon LG G3 to Lollipop with the SkyDragon 3.0.1 ROM, and everything is working. Only hitch is that though able to connect to hotspot after swapping hotspotprovision and mobilehostspot apk's with the modded ones, can't get websites as think it doesn't route properly. But am able to tether both wired as well as wireless using Pdanet.

    Seems there is lots of confusion in xda as to go which way to lollipop, as there are 2 methods, one involving manual partitions flashing using the JasmineRom thread and the other flashing the Skydragon ROM. I've tried the jasminerom by running the setup script which flashes all partitions while phone is in recovery mode, but you loose Download mode after this, also can't get DATA working on cdma nv mode on this , but haven't tried using RUIM. Luckily there is a download mode patch now , using which we regain Download mode and can TOT back to stock 10B firmware, root and from there update upto 12B without loosing root.

    Once you reach rooted 12B just flash twrp recovery and you're good to flash the Skydragon rom to Lollipop.

    use with care as there are definitely 2 cases of hardbricks in xda using JasmineRom method.

  2. Will the sprint or Verizon G3 support or Indian cdma sim? They are already on 4.4.2 so i doubt about that.

    Can anyone throw light on it?

    Verizon G3 supports RCDMA both on ruim as well as NV mode with calls/text/evdo

  3. though officially not released, we can manually update on Verizon LG G3 to firmware 23B which is Lollipop.

    I was able to manually update to firmware 23B from rooted 12B using Activity Launcher.

    Everything works fine, but DATA got disabled on 23B ...the 3G icon was striked out. So I tried to examine data settings using paid CDMA WS, but though was able to connect to cdma ws on diag mode, was not able to send spc.....

    So downgraded back to 10B, acquired root and upgraded to 12B retaining root.

    I've also flashed the recent JasmineROM which is stock_rooted_unmodified 23B, but no DATA on that too....So no point in updating to lollipop on verizon G3 using present manual flashing methods

  4. Recharge of 41 gives only incoming calls free while roaming & all o/g calls @ 0.35 Rs / min. For 30 days only.. this preposition is for UP circle.. might differ for other circles

    tap'n frm HTC desire 816DS on R-CDMA / R-GSM

    in kerala it's completely unlimited....i've tried recharging 41 with zero core balance , and for the whole day till 12 night everything was free including data

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  5. I am on stock now. The stock firmware which came.with the phone.4.2 I guess..I have unlocked the gsm services.and s off..I have twrp recovery. How do I ota.upgrade to.the latest and also will I lose the gsm unlock?

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    you need stock recovery to get the OTA. so use the 1.29 RUU from xda, and then take the OTA to get to 4.3 ..don't think you wil loose gsm unlock by doing this, but you need to relock bootloader before RUU'ing