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  1. any body for help... today i received the OTA update notification for froyo 2.2... i tried to update but update did not go through.. is there a way to update manually.
  2. thanks guys for help/info.. also, is it possible to install froyo (2.2) i have just purchased the phone from cellwala trading. if yes, can any one please brief me the details. i am totally new to Android. for info my phone is rooted, if this helps Any help please
  3. I am facing strange problem, whenever 1x data is working I can't get incoming calls, my phone is gives busy tone to caller. Is any one else facing. this problem, any solutions??
  4. Nokia 6255 And Bluetooth

    yes.... you are right puneet......
  5. Nokia 6255 And Bluetooth

    i agree with you on all the points you have mentioned but one point where you have mentioned that you cant get more then 114 kbps i don’t agree... i have been using the nokia 6255 phone with blue tooth since last 3 weeks.... after changing the connection speed to 230 kbps in dialup property... i was able to get the speed of around 16 to 18 kb/s which equal to 128 to 144 kbps.... i get this speed nearly at all times of day....
  6. All About Nokia 6255

    bluetooth dogle shouls coust you in between Rs. 500 to 1000, go in for branded ones like dlink or hp, as the unbranded ones have problem configuring. i have been using the phone since last 2 weeks i have never faced this problem.... its working fine for me....
  7. All About Nokia 6255

    direct MMS in the phone works, i can easily send the sms form the phone... i can click the photo from camera and send it by the mms menu in the phone... there is no need to go in rworld
  8. All About Nokia 6255

    i have used widcomm bluetooth software to conntect the phone through bluetooth... i use the default dialup settings in the software to use rconnect in the phone.... you can find more information about the widcomm bluetooth software on the below given site http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=35927 this forum has all the details to install widcomm software and also the download location for the software.... if you still have problem to install then mail me at rb33@rediffmail.com will email you my phone number.... hope above information helps....
  9. All About Nokia 6255

    i have purchased 6255 and was able to configure r connect through bluetooth.... the speeds are really good on these phone i get the steady speed of 16 kb/s... previously on my lg phone the speeds were not more then 10 kb/s.... this phone is really good... if any one is having problem configuring the rconnect throiugh bluetooth then pl contact... i may be able to help...
  10. Charging Mobile In Train

    its better not to try charging the phones in train... may end up with burned phone
  11. R Connect problem with electronic equipments

    if its also heppening at your friends palce then... probably your phone is faulty,.... take it to service centre or get it exchanged...
  12. R Connect problem with electronic equipments

    this is very common Phenomena with radio devices... i once used to face similar problem withh my cordless keyboard and mouse... whenever i used to turnoff or turn on the tubelight the comp used to hang.... i later replaced the tubelight and the problem vanished... so in case of faulty appliance thest problems do occur.... even the loose wires or wrong earthing created this so...get your wiring tested... your problem will be definately solved...
  13. All About Nokia 6255

    visit ALFA stores at vile parle (w), they offer best deal in phones with bill and warranty... i normally make purchases from them only.... below is their phone number... try calling them for prices and address. tel: 2671 9696
  14. Terrible Tuesday

    i agree with every bodu here... i have orange/airtel/reliance/bpl mobiles my place... and only reliance was working... so according to me reliance has best network setup of all providers and its capable of handling huge traffic of calls and is even capable of sustaining its service during the time of disaster...
  15. Edge Enabled Nokia Handset of Highest Class...

    go for 6230i this wil fulfil all your needs