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  1. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    India vs england day pass free for today on tappp.com if accessed via this link enjoy free hd streaming as soon as match starts https://www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth?client_id=258335244373969&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tappp.com%2Ffb%2Ffbrespose%2F1000121%3Fprice%3D20%26promocode%3DILOVEDAY&scope=email%2Cuser_about_me%2Cuser_birthday
  2. Best VFM broadband in Mumbai?

    smart link broadband 1k 4mbps no fup for youtube any many other video portal they have peering service so you will get 14mbps speed on such site http://smartlinkbroadband.com/
  3. mtnl 3g 2500/2month unlimited 40-50 GB /Month
  4. useless plan i'll stick with mtnl 499/7days 25gb
  5. mtnl 4mbps on cell one network 4500/6 month unlimited this plan is no longer available though now its 2500/2 month but unlimited
  6. Data Plans For Reliance Mobile CDMA Explained

    is there any unlimited data plan available with reliance?
  7. better go for mtnl.. and use unlimited 3g on bsnl network
  8. Airtel Launches 4G LTE Broadband

    its the mtnl which is offering unlimited 3g though due to sh@te rule from TRAI the discontinued 4500/6 plan now cheapest plan cost 2500/2 month
  9. BSNL Network in Pune

    yeah i am using mtnl card on bsnl network in kharadi, I get speed between 2-3mbps
  10. Good news MTNL 3g is working perfectly on cell one network I am getting 2mbps speed in Pune
  11. there is no roaming charge on BSNL network.. today i opted for 4500 unlimited plan. I am quite satisfied with its speed.
  12. Mtnl Unlimited 3G Data Plan find more detail related to tariff here http://mtnlmumbai.in...ices/3g-prepaid PS: I recently bought Mtnl prepaid card and I already tested its speed, its speed is much better than Airtel 3g and tata docomo. YouTube streaming is also quite fast
  13. Bharti Airtel has choosen ip.access, a UK-based developer of picocell and femtocell solutions to supply nanoGSM picocells for deployment across India. Airtel is deploying the nanoGSM picocells to deliver extra mobile network coverage and capacity to its business customers. The nanoGSM picocell delivers in-building GSM services, which can be deployed for high value enterprise customers. It has lower capital and operating costs than other in-building coverage solutions, with all the backhaul traffic efficiently carried over an existing IP connection. Speaking to Telecom Yatra about the new deal, Mark Pittick, vice president, strategic accounts, ip.access, said, "We are supplying about 3,000 units to Airtel in the first phase of deployments initially in five circles, but eventually extending to all 24 circles.†The company said that Airtel has already started deploying nanoGSM picocells in Delhi and Bangalore. Pittick said that ip.access also has a contract with another Indian carrier and will announce the name soon. It is currently in talks with several other leading mobile operators in the country. He added, "Picocells are new in India, but have been used successfully in the US, Europe and other parts of the world. ip.access has 55 operator customers worldwide. We see great potential in the Indian market, where it's likely that the number of picocells could quickly overtake the number of outdoor cell sites in the carriers' networks.†ip.access has big plans for 3G. Pittick said, "We have already deployed 3G femtocells and picocells in other parts of the world, and we expect 3G to be important in India as well. We plan to use 3G picocell technology for enterprise coverage and 3G femtocell technology to provide coverage in homes.†The company's largest 3G deployment so far is in North America, where femtocell technology is the basis of AT&T's 3G MicroCell. Femtocells are used to provide coverage in homes, whereas picocells are more typically used for offices, shops and other public indoor locations. A picocell is a wireless communication system which covers small areas such as offices, shopping malls, train stations and residential complexes. A picocell is analogous to a Wi-Fi access point. The key benefits of picocells are that they provide a strong mobile phone signal inside buildings and other hard to reach places, and they add extra capacity to the network. Since picocells have very low power consumption, and can use any type of IP backhaul (including WiMax and satellite connections,) they can also be used to provide coverage in rural areas. http://telecomyatra.afaqs.com/news/index.html?sid=1731_Airtel+selects+ip.access+for+picocell+deployment http://www.financialexpress.com/news/ip.access-bring-picocells-to-india-with-bharti-airtel/676834/
  14. All about Tikona

    their service s**ks here in pune but it is fine in Mumbai