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  1. LG 510 Related Issues And Queries

    The same problem I am also faced (regarding the message) ......... To avoid such problem ... I set the number as SPAM..... but I know it is not the solution.... if anybody knows the solution of this problem ... pls let me know ...
  2. LG TV 510

    Please answer my above question .... if it is known by anybody ??
  3. LG TV 510

    Net speed is 3.1 mbps .... (As per booklet) Yes I can view live TV ....
  4. LG TV 510

    The default games which ever provided by the set is meant for only kids. Not for me. So I had not played any game. that is why I just want to know whether I can download any game through my PC and then install it in my phone If Yes ... pls let me know the procedure and the website address also .. from where I can download games ...
  5. LG TV 510

    I am using Reliance CDMA Connection
  6. LG TV 510

    I am a newbie to this forum.I want some help regarding my new phone which I had bought recently. It is LG TV 510. I just want to download some new games like motor racing etc. From phone if I browse the MobileShop for download any game I could not find any game there. Is there any way to download from web and then copy it into the external flash memory. from there I could install it and play ???? Another thing is if I access orkut from my phone ... what are charges ??? It will be helpful for me if someone guide me regarding the internet access tariff ....... I am a prepaid user ..... Thanks in Advance ...