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  1. Rcom going to shutdown ??

  2. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    I got this SMS in my mts mobile in Tamil nadu. But it's from relianec.So, does this mean that mts willl also shut down or will it survive?!?!!?
  3. I seriously don understand this mail me business. If you post it out in the open then it'll at least benefit a few more people?????
  4. Reliance 4G Data Pack Offers

    And whats the plan ji?
  5. Jio - WiFi Calling

    you cant. haven`t worked for me
  6. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    I'm sorry you got it wrong here. I made a 99 recharge for which i got a coupon using which i made a 303 (253) recharge for myself. For that recharge also i got a coupon.
  7. Please try this and report back. would love to have that 665. https://cdmatool.ladesk.com/701532-Unlock-UIM-LG-Sim-LG-LS665-Android-511-for-LS665ZV3-or-LS665ZV4 PS: what response you get while using jio sim sir?
  8. Jio VoLTE on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7

    thats what helped me in my s6 edge bought from singapore. eventhough bth here and Sg the model is g925i. i had to flash INU csc version to get volte. even after flashing that, i had to do a factory reset in stock recovery so that the CSC changes to INU. P.S: it usually shows csc in the bottom above the single-sku. btw check your cscversion.txt and softwareversion.xml in system folder if it corresponds to your model number.
  9. Jio VoLTE on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7

    how did you flash other csc rom in your phone? through flashfire?? if so, do one thing. soon after finishing, reboot to your stock recovery. it`ll show which csc is active. then do a factory reset and reboot. reply here if working and hit thanks pls
  10. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    this was not true. i tried with other wifi networks
  11. TATA CDMA Shutting Down?

    I had seen fliers around Chennai saying tata DoCoMo 3g soon. Now they are selling 3g Sims. Dunno if this is 850mhz 3g or simply sharing with someone else their 2100mhz 3g
  12. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    how were you able to recharge with Samsung sim? it always shows that I'm in an auto renewing plan and i couldn't recharge
  13. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    anywhere available in stock? pls share if available.. thank you..
  14. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Thanks a lot. it`s for my uncle... dunno if he`ll wait for a week more.
  15. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Pls suggest me phone below 10k (preferably around 7-8k) with support for volte, good battery life and decent camera
  16. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    band 5 active in jio 4g chennai. don't know the status of cdma. also bandwidth shows only as 3 MHz??
  17. Any such thing possible in tribute 1?
  18. Hi, I got a ZTE Speed from my cousin. Here`s what i have been able to do up untill now. 1.Get SPC by manual activation procedure 2.Use that SPC to change mode to ruim pref. after that it recognises indian ruim (rel/mts) and voice and sms working well. (Pls note 1x data was working for some time after i did that but didn` t hold) 3.but data was not working. So, I tried to add APN using shortcut master app. I was not able to add apn other than MCC 310 MNC 000 as UICC was locked. Then I got UICC unlocked. 4.After that I have been able to add APN and enable them for use. Even then data is not working. 5.i`ve tried workarounds for other devices such as change to "Simple IP", change active Profiles to "0". Add NAI as "net" etc. But nothing works. Someone please please help.
  19. thanks a lot. could you confirm the model number pleasee. was it g900f or g900fd (dual sim version)? and version of Android?
  20. I'm sorry. which version?
  21. But S5 is in the list of officially supported devices?
  22. I've got a Samsung galaxy s5 sm-g900h. I understand it doesn't support 40 band. But does it support volte? I'm using it with jio sim but volte doesnt seem to work. Pls help
  23. I hope you'd have gone through the solution of syncing the phones time with Google servers and then trying again?
  24. [HELP NEEDED] ZTE Speed RUIM Data

    thank you @Hitesh ji... hit write 2-3 times in offline-A mode means go to offline-A mode by pressing through reset button in DFS and write RUIM only settings 2-3 times right?? then reboot the phone.. then atlast simple ip or pref mobile ip?? No need for other settings right?
  25. [HELP NEEDED] ZTE Speed RUIM Data

    thank you @Hitesh ji... hot write 2-3 times in offline-A mode means go to offline-A mode by pressing through reset button in DFS and write RUIM only settings 2-3 times right?? then reboot the phone.. then atlast simple ip or pref mobile ip??