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  1. Hello and good day. Have you found any solution to the SIM unlock network code issue for US Cellular Moto X 2014? I have tried your tutorial numerous times but still whenever I insert a SIM card it asks for the unlock code. I have seen an unlocked one which never asked for code and accepted GSM SIM card at once without any modification. I still have the phone and it's more or less useless to me now with the unlock code not being available anywhere, even from US Cellular themselves. Awaiting any help you can render on this. Thanks.
  2. How did you get past the Network Unlock code part? Or did yours not ask for the code?
  3. I saw the firmware on the Chinese site but could not make out how to download from there. If you still have this firmware, please kindly upload to Google Drive or somewhere else and kindly share the link. I would like to try it too. Also, what is the outcome of your flashing? Are you unlocked now? Thanks.
  4. Any solution to the Network Locked issue? It pains me that the unlock method shared here did not work. Any help?
  5. Can anyone help me out please? I did this with a CDMA network in Nigeria here and it worked but when I reverted back to GSM I cannot connect to data anymore. APN is still there and OK but no data. Is there any way I can revert back to factory settings so I can get the GSM data working again?