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  1. Is it available? is it OMH handset?
  2. I came to know Galaxy Y in CDMA is available in Indonesia and they are using Android 2.3, the specification is same as POP (i559) but for i559 no update.... it's really frustrated.
  3. I am also looking for i559 Android 2.3 update. some of my friends already updated their Galaxy Pop GSM version but the CDMA version is not updated.
  4. bro, how its is 800MHz processor...so far i know it is 600MHz Processor....
  5. i think they are using custom rom bcoz so far Android 2.3 Gingerbread is not available for Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA yet. i'm also searching. if you find then share the link.
  6. yes i am using...for one month..moderate data useage mainly mail/internet browsing it runs up to 8hrs. if i switch on the push mail service then it last only 6hrs. Max. cheers
  7. I dont think so. the usage you share with us can give you max of 10Hrs. of battery life. i think more powerful battery 1400mAH can save us. that time i think it can survive 1.5day with minimum of usage.
  8. can any one help me about user experience of this handset. as in flipkart.com site...user review is not satisfactory and they inform following points: 1. Battery problem (drained so quickly) 2. hang when in call 3. auto restart during a call 4. high performance multimedia experience is not some how not in upto the mark level. i appreciate comments from you all.
  9. hey Experts... same is also here in Bangladesh. i have PPC 6800 model but my problem is bit different...i can not use OMH R-UIM in my HTC PPC 6800...& my operator only offer EvDO on OMH R-UIM. my question is...is their any way i can read OMH R-UIM in my PPC 6800...is their any twek is available to...pease let me...know... CHEERS Quazi