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  1. hello guys I was struck in the fastboot after trying to use the firmware update utility to restore as the wifi on the device was not working after updating the kernel ...can anyone guide me on what to do now . thanks
  2. I tried with a new pre cut tata docomo cdma microsim ...same issue ...calls and sms are working but still no data
  3. @cooladitya007 - -I am sorry but isnt it for reliance .... can anyone confirm working data on Tata ? please post the settings that worked for you ...any thing to do with the simcard ...shall I try with a new micro sim from tata ?
  4. I was not able get data active on my tribute despite the changes made using dfs ....can anyone confirm data on lg tribute , if so kindly share the steps that worked for you .... calls and data are working perfectly for me .
  5. can you please elaborate on the prodecure to use logcat on s3 (r530)