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  1. Hi everyone.. I am new to this forum and before I start I take this opportunity to thank everyone (in advance) who will be reading my posts and commenting on it. I have recently bought a brand new Palm Pixi Plus for my Reliance CDMA. Now, I am facing the following problems for which I need some advice: 1) The voice clarity somehow doesn't amuse me. The other person can hear me clearly but the speaker in my handset gives me the feeling as if there is some kind of disturbance in the voice. 2) I am not being able to create a palm profile because of which I am not being able to download any applications in my handset. Can someone please help me by telling me from where can I download applications for my phone. 3) The bluetooth device in my phone somehow doesn't detect any bluetooth enabled devices like any other phones, laptops, etc. And even if it does, it only limits to pairing it one time after which it doesn't connect with the paired device. All it says is that it is searching for audio devices whenever I switch on the bluetooth. While browsing the help section it said that select the type of device you want to pair with your phone for e.g. keyboard, phone or audio device, but somehow that option is not available on my phone. By default it keeps searching for only the audio devices. 4) I am not being able to transfer any music or photos in my phone. I have already downloaded the Palm Desktop software but even that doesn't seem to help. Last but not the least, I have the Web OS software 1.4.5 installed in my phone. Thanks once again for giving it a patient reading and all the replies will be appreciated.