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  1. A List Of Freewares

    What is the best DVD ripper that gives best compression ratio to convert DVD or VCD files into high quality divX/mp4/avi files?
  2. What is the best buy under 10K?
  3. Death Of Sch-n191: An Epidemic

    Nice to know that at least someone has borne the cost of Rs.2000/- to revive the oldie... Sheer passion! Isn't it?
  4. Another forum Similiar To Rimweb.in

    because they are also using Invision Power Board v2.1.5 © 2006 IPS, Inc.
  5. Yippie ! I got Microsoft MVP 2007 Award

    Congrats buddy!
  6. Poor Customer Care From Reliance

    I use RIM & BSNL, BSNL has got it's connection problems but CC is even better than RIL as for being less informative and less informed!
  7. Same query, Is it possible to upload ringtone/wallpaper to LG2130 using Bitpim?
  8. New Usb Data Card Ec325

    In case of Windows XP SP2 almost all USB devices are detected as soon as you connect them. Since you need to create a new connection, pls use the modem and set up the connection manually with #777 as the number to dial and use your number as login ID and password. Did they assign a number with the card?
  9. Mobile Number Directory

    Only God can help you regarding "HUTCH TATA AS WELL AS AIRTEL NUMBERS" :'( And the God resides in friends (in respective service providers' establishment, in this case at least). In case of MTNL/BSNL numbers, try their respective websites.
  10. Wap Enabled Phone In Reliance.

    Check out for Handset tracker (Excel document) posted by me in this site for choosing a handset.
  11. Now Talk About Free Outgoing Calls !

    @ctrl_alt_del: Don't dare to dream of 10 minutes. Even 3-5 minutes will serve the purpose. @Honest: Nice quotes but too much gyan. Is it possible in the age of ADC to provide on-Net free calls for GSM operators?
  12. Reliance And Tata Landline Number Addresses

    Tata FWPs hav 197 recorded in their sets by default for directory enquiry but that doesn't work!
  13. Now Talk About Free Outgoing Calls !

    Is IDEA offering the same already?
  14. Who Offers Fastest Net Connectivity?

    Can you please explain this offer?
  15. Which Handset?(with Rconnect)

    Pls search for Handset tracker posted my me and pinned by Moderator. The EXCELlent document will help you to decide on handset.