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  1. If anyone is still interested in the solution of R-Connect Dormancy or frequent disconnection due to RIM's Dormant Mode activation please read This Post Thanks to ngcoderg for the solution. When I connect to the net, I keep the PING running in the minimised window mode and keep going with all the activities on the net. This way, my PC never got disconected or shown Dormancy. I have been using Ping.exe with various sites but found that some sites gobble up a lot of System resource when accessed by Ping. So I tried and tested various sites and found that http:\\www.ril.com uses a very low amount of resource. This post is specially for the results of experiments which will lead us to find the best site for Ping. Now I'll tell you how to check the Utilisation of System resources in your PC. This will help you to recognise the best site to identify for PING. You can use so many s/w available for real time monitoring of system resources. But the term I am interested in is "CPU Usage" which means the amount of load being given on the most valuable part of a PC. Best is still System Monitor (sysmon.exe) available with Windows 98 OS. By default, it checks and displays the CPU usage in percentage. For further queries, please PM me. But, please, keep this thread only for those posts that will help us to Identify the best site for Ping that will use lowest amount of CPU and keep the PC alive and kicking for other applications.
  2. As the topic's name suggests the document is related with the compatibility of handsets with different applications/applets available on R-World. This document may also be downloaded directly from the RelianceInfo Website (138KB) in it's crude format if you don't have a zip-file utility. HandsetTracker.zip
  3. A List Of Freewares

    What is the best DVD ripper that gives best compression ratio to convert DVD or VCD files into high quality divX/mp4/avi files?
  4. What is the best buy under 10K?
  5. Death Of Sch-n191: An Epidemic

    This may sound weird but TRUE! Take instance of my first Samsung SCH-N191 Handset, which I've bought from it's first owner an year back and used with reasonable care. But it died a couple of months back! :'( Now, my SECOND Samsung SCH-N191 Handset, I borrowed from my brother-in-law a month back has also died of the same EPIDEMIC. EPIDEMIC ------------ Yes, epidemic it is... as described by my local RIM dealer, all the Samsung SCH-N191 Handsets are dying. Symptoms are: (01) The handset switches off all off a sudden... even while talking! (02) It vibrates if I press power switch to switch on again... (03) Vibrates and the light on the top corner glows Green! (04) It doesn't boot! (05) After a couple of days, it boots! VOILA! (06) But again shuts down without intimation! (07) It vibratres/shows Green light while charging! (08) It fails to charge! (09) After a couple of days, it boots again! This time I use an HCC to shift the no. (10) The same symptoms reappear. With my first handset described above, I went to the nearby SAMSUNG authorised service center (Franchisee) and they claimed Rs.3500/- with reluctance for service! The main SAMSUNG Company Service center is a bit distant so I decided to try a bit of luck. I've given the set to a local Mobile Repairing shop and the set was made running after a week long wait. All the data from the set was lost now. I've paid Rs.250/- for it as it was booting while I was given the delivery, but it died soon after. It seems that the set Boots while the battery charge is at medium level and stays alive for a few minutes. Later, I moved to the main SAMSUNG Company Service center. It was so badly tampered (bny the local techie) that the SAMSUNG Company Service center said they need to replace te motherboard to revive the set. Now, do you think I should try my second Samsung SCH-N191 Handset with Main Samsung Service Center or accept that it is a breed facing extinction?
  6. Death Of Sch-n191: An Epidemic

    Nice to know that at least someone has borne the cost of Rs.2000/- to revive the oldie... Sheer passion! Isn't it?
  7. Another forum Similiar To Rimweb.in

    because they are also using Invision Power Board v2.1.5 © 2006 IPS, Inc.
  8. Yippie ! I got Microsoft MVP 2007 Award

    Congrats buddy!
  9. Poor Customer Care From Reliance

    I use RIM & BSNL, BSNL has got it's connection problems but CC is even better than RIL as for being less informative and less informed!
  10. Same query, Is it possible to upload ringtone/wallpaper to LG2130 using Bitpim?
  11. New Usb Data Card Ec325

    In case of Windows XP SP2 almost all USB devices are detected as soon as you connect them. Since you need to create a new connection, pls use the modem and set up the connection manually with #777 as the number to dial and use your number as login ID and password. Did they assign a number with the card?
  12. Mobile Number Directory

    Only God can help you regarding "HUTCH TATA AS WELL AS AIRTEL NUMBERS" :'( And the God resides in friends (in respective service providers' establishment, in this case at least). In case of MTNL/BSNL numbers, try their respective websites.
  13. Wap Enabled Phone In Reliance.

    Check out for Handset tracker (Excel document) posted by me in this site for choosing a handset.
  14. Now Talk About Free Outgoing Calls !

    @ctrl_alt_del: Don't dare to dream of 10 minutes. Even 3-5 minutes will serve the purpose. @Honest: Nice quotes but too much gyan. Is it possible in the age of ADC to provide on-Net free calls for GSM operators?
  15. Reliance And Tata Landline Number Addresses

    Tata FWPs hav 197 recorded in their sets by default for directory enquiry but that doesn't work!
  16. Now Talk About Free Outgoing Calls !

    Is IDEA offering the same already?
  17. Who Offers Fastest Net Connectivity?

    Can you please explain this offer?
  18. Which Handset?(with Rconnect)

    Pls search for Handset tracker posted my me and pinned by Moderator. The EXCELlent document will help you to decide on handset.
  19. Dual Mode Handset Launched By Tata Indicom

    Tata Indicom One World One Number truly empowers with some very unique features: One World One Number T-Sim Card Introducing for the first time ever, a single card that empowers you to enjoy both CDMA and GSM services by switching between the two networks using Tata Indicom One World One Number T-SIM card. One Number You can now be reached anywhere across the world on the same Tata Indicom Mobile number. One Address Book With a single T-SIM card your address book always goes with you. One Phone Tata Indicom also introduces, for the first time in India, a Dual WORLDPHONE (GLOBALMOTO). The WORLDPHONE has the capability to work on both CDMA and GSM networks. It empowers you to enjoy the services of the best service provider wherever you go without having to worry about technology anymore. One Caller Line Identity When you make an outgoing call while roaming, your CLI will be displayed on the phone of the called party. One Zone One Tariff Enjoy for the first time ever an extremely simple and convenient zone-based tariff for any call you may make when you are roaming internationally in GSM countries. Not just that, the tariff plans offered are extremely attractive. One Bill Now you can track local and international roaming calls in the same monthly bill. One Helpline A single point Customer Contact number - 9225510000 for all your needs wherever you are. Source: http://www.tataindicom.com/personal/mobile...oaming_intl.asp
  20. All New Samsung Hero Launched On Indicom

    Like the Pic? Click it to reach her.
  21. How To Uninstall The Driver Manually?

    This often happens with USB ports due to unidentified reason. Try other USB port, preferably at the back of the CPU-Cabinet. If you fail, refer to a qualified Service Personnel or Hardware Engineer. If in Kolkata, PM me.
  22. R Connect Problem

    It often happens due to the problem with the RIL Server and not due to handset/hardware fault. I've faced this problem several times mostly at night (between 11:30pm and 2:00am) and wasted hours to restore the connectivity... but everything failed. In the next day, everything worked fine.
  23. Lg Rd 2650

    Doesn't look impressive!
  24. Oxigen Outlet

    Can someone put up a brief?