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  1. Probably this is the first post in December in the forum. See how Jio changed everything. Any way I came here for my old friends who could help me. As of now Airtel and Vodafone introduced monthly min. recharge of 23/35, and my father speaks 30-40 min/day even less and does not use data. He uses airtel prepaid. What could be the best option for him? Should he port to BSNL ?
  2. India Against Corruption - Parivartan

    [Off Topic] Do you think it's good time to invest in mutual fund?
  3. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    I am currently using Redmi Note3 and Huawei honor holly 2 plus (still on MTS CDMA) and looking for upgrade. Suggest a smartphone with following features: 1. VoLTE (No need of Jio4GVoice) 2. Internal 32 GB + Seperate MicroSD support 3. 5.5" display 4. Snapdragon processor
  4. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    The fact is LTE is getting universal across the globe and soon most of the phones will roam over LTE over different bands of spectrum. LTE 1800 is the most common, while LTE2300/800/900 is getting the momentum. But LTE2100 is already there and as operators think to shut down 3G this one will roar!!
  5. JioFi2 MiFi

    Off Topic My laptop is having an issue with WiFi - it goes on/off frequently and the internet is very unstable on my laptop. I thought on it's problem on Jio network or JioFi - but while browsing on mobile connected to JioFi - I found no issues. My laptop is pretty old bought in 2011, and it might be just due to age WiFi adaptor (Qualcomm Atheros AR9285) has started issues. I am now looking for an adaptor which will bridge WiFi signals and my laptop's USB. (Connecting JioFi via cable to my lappy is not an option as indoor signal is pretty poor, I keep the JioFi near window for better Jio 4G signal)
  6. [Off Topic]] I was just thinking that Jio came, and Rcom went down. So is our forum. It has so many active members and all subforums were active. Now main traffic is only to Jio subforum and activity is 90% down! Jio also killed our buynsell section.
  7. SMS for eKYC verification

    From 1st December you can easily do e-KYC verification by OTP.
  8. I am yet to see Airtel VoLTE or Jio LTE CA in Kolkata. Does Redmi Note 4 support CA?
  9. On my experience in certain places of Kolkata - specially in Rajarhat-Newtown area, Jio does not have proper 2300/1800 coverage and SIM shifts to 850MHz even on outdoor areas. And the speed is pretty low - max 5Mbps on outdoor and less than 800kbps on indoor most of the time. So in case Jio has no own 4G coverage in this area, it relies on RCom 4G 850Mhz which in turn has better speed - 8-14Mbps most of the time. Why this difference?
  10. This is kind of offtopic, but need some opinion from members. Isuue #1. My parents have 2 MTS connection. Now we all forget the SIM cards were taken by whose documents. Can we port these numbers to Jio by giving probable IDs? I meant to say a SIM was taken with my id, can I port to another operator by giving another person's ID? Issue #2. my brother has left India and requested for port out to airtel from jio before leaving country. Interestingly airtel sims which were given to him, are yet to be active and Jio SIM continues to work fine. Is Jio blocking port out? Here the same question arrives again, as the Jio SIM of my brother lies with me, can I port the SIM to airtel with my documents? Issue #3. What are the dual 4G supported handsets available in market? (airtel 4G/Jio 4G both access needed)
  11. Anybody getting LTE CA on Jio ? Which smartphone and which location ?
  12. Just to inform all MTS users, MTS-RCom merger to be completed by October this year. And RCom will kill MTS CDMA and ask you to join RCom LTE which is far inferior to Jio LTE. https://drrdb.blogspot.in/2017/10/merger-of-sstl-into-rcom-to-be.html I was a long term MTS user, I moved to Airtel 4G in last July.
  13. Tough luck, I must say!! Actually after Jio came, the dongle market has been washed off, so are the imported devices.
  14. Unusual VoLTE problem

    It's better you visit a Jio store and get the SIM replaced.
  15. Vodafone Idea Merger

    so the T&C reads : 1. cap of 300min/day & 1200min/week of voice calls 2. capping of outgoing to 300 unique numbers till the validity of recharge (29/56 days) >> post than all calls @30p per min. I think even Airtel and Idea has similar caps but airtel is offering 70/84 days while Idea stuck with Vodafone at 28/56 days. However Jio's plans at almost at par with European or American players. And AVoId wants to match with Jio with so many cappings.
  16. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Waking up this old topic. Want to buy a new phone. requirements: 4GB/Atleast 64GB 5.5" Screen Good camera regular Android update I find that Oppo/Nubia/Honor has some matches but they don't offer software update regularly. One Plus 5 is a good option, but that's too costly. How good is Moto G5Plus?
  17. Jio has issues with calls, well atleast in my case though Jio data services are great except in rural areas where Jio 4G depends on 850MHz network only and both data and voice affected heavily.
  18. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    Even I could not able to register my JioFi to Jio4GVoice app on imported HTC 510. I think there is some issues with imported handsets.
  19. This is the maximum speed I got on Jio. That's too inside underground Metro at Kalighat-Jatin Das station.
  20. I have a Vodafone SIM, a MTS SIM and a Jio SIM. As MTS has been acquired by RCOM, I don't feel safe with MTS, though network is still excellent. Will porting to Jio be a wise decision? Becoz, often I find that when data is on, I can't make outgoing calls at 1st attempt nor I am getting incoming calls.
  21. I heard that after MNP to Jio, many users are not getting the SMS from Bank, OTP, etc etc. Is it true?
  22. Poor Reliance 4G network

    CDMA is indeed a great mobile technology, but it is being killed across the globe for spectrum refarming for 4G services. LTE is the convergent for both GSM and CDMA. RCom will shut down MTS CDMA in near future once the merger completes. Tata will also follow the trend.
  23. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    I want to port out my R-GSM (previously R-CDMA) no to Jio. However sending sms to 1900 from my 933xxxxxxx is not working. Is there any trick for R-GSM to generate port out code?
  24. Poor Reliance 4G network

    In Kolkata, I am still enjoying awesome voice and data on MTS India. But CDMA's days are over. If Tata Tele merges with the combined entity of Rcom-MTS-Aircel, it's for sure they will kill the CDMA first.