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  1. Already tried & left it, doesn't work, I got jio volte registered on AT&T S7 but still doesn't work Sent from my Robin using Tapatalk
  2. I did 3 consecutive 149/ recharges, Received 50/ coupon after 1 day . They were labelled as Coupon2 , Coupon3 ....... Offer is till June 17 i think . Will use them later on 303/ or 499/ as per requirement Will miss on additional 5gb and 10GB offer but that fine
  3. You could receive a 50/ off voucher on recharge of 99/ and above . This was from start I recharged STV 149/ and got 50/ off coupon Now this coupon of 50/ off can onlybe used 303/ and above These were the T&C from beginning and are still same
  4. there are enough guides on google to unlock like https://routerunlock.com/unlock-ec1561-huawei-cmda-evdo-modem-dongle/ https://forum.dc-unlocker.com/forum/modems-and-phones/huawei/141786-unlock-huawei-ec1561-step-by-step-procedure-fully-explained Use them ,pop in BSNL SIM and try out
  5. By launching secret code 77467 from PhoneInfo secret code menu
  6. Can any one pls upload these screenshot from Indian S7 /edge working on JIO volte The 77467 secret code to be opened & IMS settings open up. Use Phoneinfo app for this RJIL WIFI settings also available Comparing with a Indian S7 there might be hope of running Volte on US s7/edge Sent from my SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  7. Its more complex then this AT&T S7 doesnt have TWRP so you cant flash ROM/Zips . Have to use Flashfire No ROM exist for this . Was using Echoe ROM which is for all USA variants . ROM developer doesn't have AT&T S7 but a Verizon S7 edge . VOLTE is available for Tmobile and AT&T Hardware if fully capable of VOLTE but implementation is incorrect from my side And I am no ROM developer so .....
  8. Attaching the recovery pic Where's the csc details here What does factory reset achieve here. Just set it up completely with all apps. Sent from my NX518J using Tapatalk
  9. Manually inserted csc in ROM before flashing it using flashfire Can't flash csc using cscflasher as the zip only works on exynos procs Will check recovery & update here Sent from my NX518J using Tapatalk
  10. Still volte doesn't Sent from my SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  11. IMS registered can be easily changed using NETWORK app or *#*#4636#*#* , but still doesn't work
  12. All these don't work on this this, have same, tried all tricks Tried AT&T, t-mobile, Verizon roms still no volte Tried flashing Indian csc from xda using flashfire but doesn't work No twrp for Snapdragon model so flashing roms etc using flashfire app only Even after flashing Unlocked 930U Version no volte AT&T volte shows selected but doesn't work Edit : seems might work with this csc http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=68953189 Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  13. atleast are not forcing the update till now Jiojoin works fine if you dont update
  14. Not all are blocked , samsung_i9505_galaxy_s4 working fine in Band 5 with Jiojoin
  15. yes already activated , amsung offer