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  1. 281 and 352 are by ZTE ; 351 by alcatel
  2. Feedback on Alcatel CDMA Handsets

    It's real good
  3. No I guess you can activate your evdo services with an SMS. Try the SMS
  4. Please suggest a CDMA handset upto Rs.5000

    Mts just launched 2 handsets : ref Rajan Mehta's post.
  5. Please suggest a CDMA handset upto Rs.5000

    Primo is not launched . Suggest you wait for 20 days. Something Big coming from MTS
  6. Karbonn A9 Dual SIM Android With 1 Ghz Processor

    This handset has a Qualcomm snapdragon s1 msm7227a. Dp is Rs 9000
  7. Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA

    iCS requires a lot of RAM and low end chipsets launched from q1 onwards support ics For budget phones gingerbread will be around till end 2012. by the time the new chipsets get in mass production
  8. Has LG Stopped Making Basic CDMA Phones?

    LG has withdrawn from CDMA space in India. Last models launched was LG235 in 2010
  9. Micromax's Superfone A50 With Aisha Voice Assistant

    Anyone used this handset.? Need performance feedback pls
  10. Android Mobiles From India

    I mean mediatek.
  11. Android Mobiles From India

    Who is the OEM for this product any idea. Is this phone on the low end media trek chipset. Anyone used the micromax media trek platform handsets???
  12. Steps for Converting HTC Incredible 2 into OMH Handset

    Hi. I have a stock dinc 2 and want to use it with gsm sim. How should I go about it
  13. Mtag can be bought for Rs 5499 and live wire for Rs 3999. Offers 150 min +150mb of data every month for 12 months. Practically the usage is free
  14. But incredible 2 CDMA is ruimless. So why do you say that it works like OMH