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  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 CDMA Discussion

    I have too been Using Galaxy Note 2 on US Cellular, 1st one to have, got it a month back from my bhai... now Looking out for a world edition.. I dont think it has GSM capability.. if yes, not explored yet... Is there anyone who has tried US Cellular with GSM ???- it also has LTE support & does have sim card slot as well....
  2. I just got a mail from Kaunsa.com giving out iPhone 5 32GB for just Rs.39999 with the following link http://www.kaunsa.com/Detail/8135/Apple-I-Phone-5-32GB-White-Color-At-Lowest-Price-Ever.html How much reliable is this site & has someone purchased earlier ?
  3. same problem here. added in cart but after checkout, we are out from the site.tried many times. not able to buy. i'm too having the same problem.. not able to add to cart.
  4. Rajan Bhai... Can you please suggest me 20" LED TV to buy in Kolkata, Online or Store Also i want to gift Instant photo printer camera in mumbai.... Need your advise...
  5. Friends I'm looking to Gift Instant photo printer camera, Can someone suggest a good deal for me?
  6. Wow... Super Duper news......from a reliable source... :smiley-bounce022:
  7. I had ordered voltas 1 ton window a.c and they took one month to deliver.. everytime i used to call CC i used to get reply that order is in process and takes 7 to 10 days to process and sometime little more.. I think you should not worry about your payment but you need to follow up with them regularly to get your item delivered at earliest..
  8. Your Alternate Passion

    Wow... Nice Initiative Vadan Bhai.... I really appreciate your idea of coming up with this thread I'm sure lot of people will realize that there are so many things in life to be thought of and doing apart from our virtual life.. I like to live with Music....... Listen, Play ( synthesizer) & Sing... n i'm sure many people have this passion... Also starting something new... Gonna take part in TSD Rally... Next week..
  9. Hey I successfully placed the order for 16gb micro sd card class 6 for Rs.359 Order: 1054997 Date: 01 May 2012, 06:49 PM Status: Paid Thanks Rajan Bhai
  10. Sandisk Ultra Micro SDXC 64 GB

    my friend has been able to use this 64gb card with his droid razr maxx...
  11. My sixth sense says that you have made a mistake and THAT SELLER is going to defraud you. You won't receive HTC Sensation. Let's see whether it's a COIN or something else this time. But i sincerely pray that i am proved WRONG. I would wait and watch what happens. I am too having the same feeling after Rajan bhai's comment. Can i do anything now to safeguard myself??
  12. I have found a deal on ebay for HTC sensation unlocked at a very attractive price of $390. i.e appx Rs.17750 which is huge discount. Here is the link Those you use shp&ship can take advantage of this buying this phone at a very cheap rate. I have just purchased it & thought of sharing with you all. Disclaimer: Please check buyer feedback and shop&ship terms & conditions before buying it.