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  1. MTNL New Unlimited Broadband Plans

    I am using 4 Mbps 30 GB plan from airtel. monthy rental is around 1500 with taxes it is around 1700/- I think its expensive need to change my plan! If i can find anything like 2 mbps with 80 GB for same monthly rental that would be nice!
  2. Samsung Galaxy SL i9003

    Enjoying Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Launcher On Samsung Galaxy I9003 Absolutely Love It
  3. Samsung Galaxy SL i9003

    Finally managed to root Galaxy S I9003 1- Make sure Drivers are Installed for I9003 (Download and install latest Samsung Kies from samsung website) 2-In Settings--Wireless & Networks--USB setting--select Ask On Connection 3-CHECK USB debugging mode in settings---applications--Development Go To http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=803682 and download and install SuperOneclick on ur computer Just plug in the device with your computer, launch Superoneclick, Click "root" tab and Its Done!! I tried using z4root but it does not work for Samsung Galaxy SL GT I9003 SuperOneClick does work!! Cant do anything as we still dont have recovery for this device, just removed bloatwares and enjoying stock built.
  4. Samsung Galaxy SL i9003

    Hello I purchased Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 brand new from Ebay for 19190/- with one year India Warranty. The phone is a stripped down version of Samsung Galaxy S I9000, Major difference being S-LCD on I9003 instead of brilliant S-AMOLED on I9000. The new one comes with 1650mAmp battery, 4GB internal memory (I9000 came with 8/16 GB Internal Storage), and a slot for MicroSD card (Card is not provided with the box) Though I new everything before going ahead with the purchase, as i thought it as a good value for money, once I started using it i am not completely satisfied. Samsung has divided the internal memory into two parts, 2Gb for Internal Phone storage and the other 2Gb as Internal SD card. I have 8Gb external SD card as well installed on the device The internal SD card directory is mnt/sdcard, The External SD card directory is mnt/sdcard/external_sd Now when I download and application and decide it to move to SD card, it by default moves to mnt/sdcard (which is timid 2gb internal SD), leaving my external SD useless. Though i can select External SD as default storage for Image and videos taken by the camera. But most applications and there files are always on Internal SD. Apart from that, even though the battery is 1650 mAmp, it drains out pretty fast on moderate use. Since my DROID X gives me almost 24 hours of battery life with wifi continuously on, samsung i9003 managed to last only for 12-13 hours. Though I am getting much better battery life after doing a factory reset and charging the device to full once. But having said all that, i think its very good value for money. In just 19000/- bucks its a top end smart phone and pretty fast as well. About Touchwiz UI 3.0, I absolutely HATE IT! I am on launcher pro, and i am loving it. Though the phone has not been rooted yet, i was wondering if the same file would work as in samsung galaxy S I9000, but I am not willing to be the first one to try out. Camera is good, 720 p recording is great as well. But I cant stop comparing it with my Droid X. Samsung is way far behind in matching the image quality and videos/audio quality of droid X in HD video recording. Droid X is a workhorse, its like Yamaha and I9003 is like Splendor (no offence) Wait for couple of months and hopefully the price will drop to 17-18 k!! lol All in all! Nothing could beat this phone at this price tag!! Company Link http://in.samsungmobile.com/mobile-phones/samsung-galaxy-s-lcd-4gb
  5. Good & Cheap US Cellular Service?

    Ok strange thing happened. I purchased my droid x a month back ,It was brand new never been used in box. The seller claimed that its a BAD ESN. I got it cheap. So i was pretty sure being bad esn it wont worok on verizon for sure. Yesterday i found a link on Verizon's website for ESN check and I decided to go ahead with mine. LOL and it said My device is ready for activation!! LOL i guess it was a CLean ESN!!! I activated my device, choose a prepaid plan and got my number , right here from India! Once I am in US i will add Verizon PRL, do 2.3.340 SBF and factory reset, and then dial *228 to start enjoying the service
  6. Good & Cheap US Cellular Service?

    Where in US youn will be staying? That's an important question as there are smaller regional players that offers cheaper deals than the biggies. T-Mobile offer somewhat cheaper plans.Also what would be your data usage? I'll be putting up in Pittsburgh PA. Cricket and MetroPCS wont be an option for me there. About T mobile, Its a GSM based service right?
  7. Good & Cheap US Cellular Service?

    I am leaving for US next week for 3-4 months, Was wondering if people could let me know which is the best US cellular service provider. My budget it $50/month and since i am using android based phone, data is very important to me. CDMA or GSM thats not an issue for me. But i'll be using my own device. Enlighten MEEEEE
  8. Motorola Droid / Droid X Data With Reliance Cdma

    You mean 0178? Is it possible for reliance to give us EVDO username in the format MDN@blahblablah.com rather than MEID@blahblahblah.com
  9. Motorola Droid / Droid X Data With Reliance Cdma

    I cannot test EVDO on my device as I dont have a plan. I am writing down the complete method on how to Make EVDO work on Moto Droids (Droid 1, Droid X. Dorid 2) Step 1- Go to http://www.whiterabbit.org/android and write your Login string (EVDO username) and download the NV item file. Step 2- Open the and Copy the hex part of NV item 0318 and paste it on NV item 8091 Step 3- Connect to CDMA ws and download NV item 0178, Open the text file and add blank it out by adding 0 and save it. Step 4- Open the file downloaded from white rabbit and edit NV items from 8040-8043 by adding your MDN. in the format 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x X being digits of your MDN evrything else should be 00. Save the file. Step 5- Connect to CDMA WS and write the file downloaded from white rabbit and NV item 0178 Step 6- Connect to qpst and read the phone. open ppp tab, the UM tab must have your MDN as username already, wite down ur MDN as passowrd as well, In AN tab the Username should read as ur EVDO username, write down your evdo password in the password tab. Click write to phone. Step 7- After reboot again connect to CDMA ws and write the blanked out NV item 0178 again. (this step is necessary as qpst will write your MDN and wont leave it blank when you write ur password, so u need to blank it out again. Reboot and and you can connect to qpst again and see if everything is in place. Its done!! Anyone who has an active EVDO account and test this method and post the result.
  10. Motorola Droid / Droid X Data With Reliance Cdma

    every Issue has been taken care of, all the previous problems has been resolved. For Indian carriers, its a lil work around from the usual method posted on other forums. But its been taken care of by editing NV items manually So there is no reason why it should not work. On my device, I dont have any plan for evdo and dont know which plans to select for prepaid, so i am not able to test it. Sadik bhai is testing it. He will update the post as soon as something positive comes up
  11. Motorola Droid / Droid X Data With Reliance Cdma

    I think its done!!!!!
  12. Motorola Droid / Droid X Data With Reliance Cdma

    Yes its surviving reboots, It reverts back if done from qpst, if we edit the NV item 8091 with the complete login string. It sticks like anything.. NAM is blanked out
  13. Motorola Droid / Droid X Data With Reliance Cdma

    OK.. Rt now I have written PPP usernmae and HDR username..this is how i did it. 1-Blanked out 0178 2-8040-8043 added my MDN (PPP Authentication) 3-8091(HDR authentication) my HDR Username Have files for each NV items. Thing is I received my EVDO user and pass today, Havent selected any plans yet. Do i need to do that before i can check/connect to EVDO
  14. Motorola Droid / Droid X Data With Reliance Cdma

    Sadik bhai, i have managed to write meid@blahblah .com I m just lil confused about Um and An tabs of qpst. Both the tabs need to have meid@blahbla as username or just the An tab
  15. Motorola Droid / Droid X Data With Reliance Cdma

    HUH!!! Managed to write HDR Username MEID@hrpd.rcom.co.in this is what i can do rt now: 1- Have My MDN as username and Password in PPP Um tab (hopefully its ofr PPP) 2- Have MEID@hrpd.rcom.co.in and my EVDO Pass in PPP An tab (hopefully its for HDR) Everything sticks nothing reverts back. I need info guys.. 1- My settings for Um tab is correct? or I have to have something different other than my MDN 2- Do i have to select a plan for EVDO before I can connect to it? Guys I think I am close getting EVDO on Droid x..but no one is giving any inputs here