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  1. just had a hands-on experience of reliance jio at chennai with the lyf water 1 mobile. mobile is very similar to the iphone 6 with speaker grills near the usb chargin port.

    speed of 4g was around 30-35 mbps in the city. havent tried it out in the suburbs. there was a problem with the volume on video calls as it was very low.

    on the demo sim, they have offered a monthly data usage of 25gb free for 3 months. pplayed a few 4k videos from youtube. played absolutely fine without buffering even once.

    but phone seems to definitely heat up if data is being used constantly.

  2. Can anyone who has tried custom ROMs on e970 recommend one for me? I would prefer it to be KitKat and everything to be working...as in WiFi, external SD support etc etc.... Camera too...will be very grateful for any suggestions.... Thanks

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  3. Looks like a lot of people are sick of reliance.I had similar problems with them. My internet has not been working since 12 th June . I gave many complaints to the cc but every time they used to close the complaint within 24 hours. Even the guys at cc don't know what the problem is. But whatever the problem is they will assure you that it will get rectified within 24 hours. That's the standard response that they have been trained to tell all customers. Sent an email to the nodal officer in tn but the email got returned as it was not deliverable. Maybe the email address was wrong or the inbox is overflowing and no one has bothered to check any mails. Then registered a complaint with the appellate authority. They gave me a deadline of 4 days to since the problem but as usual nothing happened. Finally got fed up and sent an email asking for termination. Next day some service engineer a.k.a glorified electrician showed up. 18 days after I registered a complaint some guy showed up. Blasted him nicely over the phone and he left.

    Have moved to tata indicom broadband. Speeds are decent. 2mbps unlimited at 1499 plus st. It's almost double the cost of reliance but if connection is good I don't mind paying for it.

  4. While trying to unlock my bootloader, I soft bricked my phone. Tried teenybin altbin etc etc didn't work. Finally sent my phone to Kanishk... He repaired it instantly and sent it back. Quick and reliable work from. Kanishk. Would whole heartedly recommend him to others.

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  5. hi everyone!

    2 of my HDD's have gone kaput in the last few months. both are 1 TB's. lots of data and music on both the drives. need a HDD docking station. would be greatly helpful if someone could post a good deal for one! zebronics has a docking station,but the chinese company from whom they import their products has not been providing that item over the last few months. (spoke to rupesh-marketing person zebronics south).

  6. Have had pretty good experience with pepperfry.

    Bought on more than 15 occasions.

    But sometimes they do delay delivery.

    And the bad part is that if u have to return something they do not give u bank refund but only pepper points unless you are ready to fight with them for some days.

    Still would recommend them. Overall have had nice experience barring one or two occasions

    i just want to say that i have a had pretty great experience with pepperfry. on one occasion ,i ordered 3 adidas EDT because there was some offer. but the EDT's left a yellow colour stain on all my clothes.i called them up and they promptly refunded my money. they may have changed.but this was my experience with pepperfry

  7. have you tried this?

    Can I use my Microsoft Office macros?

    The OpenOffice.org macros are written in OpenOffice.org BASIC, a macro language that uses the same programming logic as Microsoft Visual Basic. However, some elements differ, as for example the calls to software commands and object names. So you would have to rewrite the macros. Macros written for MS Word for instance cannot be executed via OpenOffice.org; you'll need to re-write them. This has its benefits - it makes OOo documents less virus prone.

    OpenOffice.org 3 Calc can execute many Excel macros, but (for security reasons) you must manually enable this feature. Choose Tools > Options > Load/Save > VBA Properties and enable the Executable code checkbox.

  8. i have taken a reliance connection here in chennai and i have faced similar problems. in may there was not internet connectivity for 25 days. they claimed that the corporation guys had dug up and cut their cables while laying roads. i got most of the rental waived off for may. then again last year,there was continuous problem for 2 weeks. every time they promise the same thing. your connection will be repaired in 24 hours. after the unpleasant experience in may, i obtained the personal mobile no of the reliance technician. if there is a problem i just contact him directly and he comes and repairs the connection. its absolutely pathetic calling up their customer care cos they're useless. they will not even know what the problem is. otherwise,first response is "modem problem". pls connect it in another modem. or remove all wires/ cables and attach them again.he is the only internet provider offering truly unlimited internet at affordable price. so i guess you need to go with the flow and take the ups with the downs. atleast that's how i'm looking at it.