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  1. Wiped my Phone OS using TWRP

    Thanks Nishant , I was able to do that using ADB sideload. One more thing I upgraded to CM12.1 but DATA & SMS are still not working. Can anybody help me/program the handset for me to resolve this issue?
  2. Wiped my Phone OS using TWRP

    I am using Moto x 1049 Republic wireless. Accidently wiped phone OS with TWRP. Now since there is no OS and when I connect this to PC for copying custom ROM I cant see the storage in PC despite selecting Mount option. Appreciate your help.
  3. LG G3 for Sprint leaks with a QHD display and 3GB of RAM

    Despite of reliance gave a base to LG brand in India it was not able to make much. Now that global handset market is influenced by its neighbour Samsung it should think of new market strategies in developing countries like India. I am surprised nobody willing to introduce more CDMA range.
  4. I have been searching for the one that works on RCDMA. STL100-4 model looks to be for CDMA. Even I was searching the same and didn't get a clue. There are few sellers mentioning STL100-4 availability online. Don't want to take this risk for Z10 as I been with RCDMA since last 10 years. Let me know if you have any update. Thank you.
  5. Ultimate Blackberry Phone Tips And Tricks

    Great Tips Sir, thanks a lot. I been using BB8530 since last 3.5years, very helpful.
  6. Hi Friends, I am planning to buy MTS MTAG and use it for reliance as it has RUIM slot. Does anybody know how can I unlock it? Help appreciated. Regards, Suresh