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  1. May his soul rest in peace. Not heard much about Jaspal Bhatti but my father always appreciated his efforts for trying to make India a corruptionless country. Also he tells about his super hit comedy shows.
  2. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Nitin ji you should have a look for Panasonic T11. Jellybean, 5MP Camera, 1GB Ram, Dual Sim, 4 " screen, 4GB Internal Memory. Read some good reviews about this handset. Available around 9000 in retail market. http://m.gsmarena.com/panasonic_t11-5769.php
  3. The Off Topic Thread

    Sometime back I put an advt. in OLX. On seeing the advt in OLX the executive from Quikrr called me and asked to put the same advt in Quikrr. I agreed and they put the advt. The next day I got this reply from one person : :P
  4. Movies That You Loved (Or Hated) - Part II

    Gravity, a must watch Sci-Fi movie! I watched it a couple of days ago. My ratings: 4/5. According to me its a movie which you can't afford to miss!!
  5. When You Will Be Available On RIMweb.in Next

    From today onwards I'll be regularly available on this great forum!!
  6. I Have Ported My Number To....

    I had PORTED my TATA DOCOMO Gsm number to Vodafone Gsm. Reasons for Porting : Pathetic Gprs / Edge speeds of Tata Docomo. Inspite of several complaints the issue didn't resolved. Benefits that I see of the new service provider : Vodafone's Network is great in Mumbai. Their Edge / Gprs speeds are the best compared to other operators in Mumbai. Porting Experience : On 1st May sent Porting request and submitted the necessary documents. On 4th May the services to my Docomo number had been discontinued. On 6th May my number got ported to Vodafone network, but I was unable to make outgoing calls. Only incoming calls were possible. On 7th May my number was fully activated on Vodafone Network. Overall porting experience was great. Only problem was that my number got deactivated from Docomo Network on 4th day and got activated on 6th day (only incoming), means for two days my number got DEAD (No incoming / No outgoing). But that doesn't matters at all. As I'm now satisfied with Vodafone services. Great Network and Excellent Gprs / Edge Speeds. One more thing I would like to mention is that I was unable to RECHARGE ONLINE for the first three months (90 days). On calling Vodafone Customer Care, they said that I will be able to Recharge Online after the completion of 90 days with Vodafone. Now, I'm able to recharge online.
  7. 'Michhami Dukkadam' - A Day Of Universal Forgiveness

    Michhami Dukkadam to all.
  8. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    ^^^ I purchased it from retailer in Mumbai @ Rs.7200/-. Didn't bought from Ebay because I wanted to check the piece on the spot and then purchase. Will post a review soon.
  9. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    After using symbian 60 series phone for a long time atlast yesterday purchased my first ANDROID mobile.....Micromax A70.....and I am lovin it. Will post a reviw of Micromax A70 in couple of days...
  10. New Members Introduce Yourself Here!

    thanxx ashok sir n kamal sir..... yaa i'll try to be the best youngest member of RIMWEB.....
  11. Frnzz......I too rechargd my acc. under this offer n got the double talktime benifit on 19th JAN..... DOCOMO ROXX!!
  12. New Members Introduce Yourself Here!

    hmmm......thanxx Arun sir n Rajan sir!!
  13. thanxx Rajan sir!! for the detailed info....+1 to you
  14. New Members Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hey guyzz.... I am Rishabh from Mumbai....I am 14 years old....n studying in 8th std........ I was a great fan of symbian till date .....but after learning about android......will be getting my 1st android soon..... This is a great community.....i have been reading most of the stuff from past 2 years and finally joined today!!