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  1. 230.4 kbps Connection On LG 6130

    Does this work with LSP-350R?
  2. Success! LG LSP 340E & Bitpim

    Oh? That's a pity..
  3. Success! LG LSP 340E & Bitpim

    The LSP-350R modem seems to be locked at 115.2 kbps, though being capable of 233.4 kbps. Can the service menu unlock thi soption?
  4. New Time Based R-connect Plans !

    I took this plan for the same purpose, but the experience has been pretty disppointing. The speed is pathetic..
  5. Usb Cable For Lsp-350r

    Which is the Tata Indicom equivalent to the Reliance LSP-350R phone? I want to buy a USB data cable, and have been informed that Tata Indicom is selling the same cables at a more reasonable price, and want to know the Tata equivalent for LSP-350R., Is it 350T or some other model? Thanks Colo
  6. Has Reliance withdrawn/ closed the platinum plan (unlimited usage) ? Anybody have a clue?
  7. R-connect And Winxp 64-bit Edition

    Windows xp 32bit drivers of cdma modem can work & rconnect can be used by windows dial up networking. 43236[/snapback] Can't find CDMA modem driver in XP..
  8. Want to use R-Connect with WinXP 64-bit edition. Reliance Cstmr Care has already told me that no drivers are available. Anybody tried this? Also, Can a FWP phone be connected to a EPABX thru the data cable? Thanks