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  1. Irritating Message as Caller Tune on Reliance 3G

    you can only deactivate this network tune by activating caller tune facility by paying some monthly amount. Reliance GSM s**ks? At time, you would get "SIM CARD FAILURE". You have to switch off your mobile, take your sim out and put it back and then you get the network.. I think they should have not bid for 3G but invested the same amount in their core network to make it strong and then move forward. Eg. uninor. But in the haste to compete with competitors (Airtel, Vodafone) who have experience in GSM, they made a silly move and now they would realize when subscribers wil not move in RGSM for new or by MNP.
  2. Irritating Message as Caller Tune on Reliance 3G

    Hi, I had called up CC and they said that since Reliance has started 3g network in Delhi, they have put this caller tune. They term this as network tune instead of your usual ring. You cant avoid it. They are using us for marketing their services