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  1. LG Optimus F5 AS870

    MTS micro ohm and Nano sim also not working.
  2. LG Optimus F5 AS870

    got rgeruc series blank sim for my network. iccid and everything gets detected. But its shows PRL version 0 while earlier sim was showing unknown prl or prl 40000. is it due to blank sim / shud I get it activated ? guys help me will prl get update if activate this sim with other mobile? will it detect prl and connect network ? reliance store dont original micro sim for recruc06 series or any other series. I do not have access to others sims currently. so cant test.
  3. there is option called cdma subcription atleast in my lg phone . you have to anycut or some other launcher to creat shortcut. dont know if it is there for 510.
  4. And Indians obsession with free ka maal and budget consciousness due to living standards and earning capacity. The moment they charge there will be another app which will offer it free. Then we already have to pay data charges.
  5. LG Optimus F5 AS870

    Well Some How I have managed to have brick worth Rs.2600 well its not completely brick as it turns on and do all the stuff execpt phone. I did some changes in dfs nam setting something like nam 0 to 1 thats it restarted and problem started. dont know whether nv files are corrupt. Problem is phone does not connect to pc ( connect/disconnects continuously) so cannot restore .qcn files which I took as backup with qpst. basedband/imei/esn/prl/ect etc all shows unknown. tried reinstalling firmware with kdz. both firmware i have tried vs870 and as870. installation do not get complete. thought it complete with vs870 firmware but problem persist. cwm recovery tried restore and same problems persists baseband/all unknown. Need Help urgently. Cannot find way to restore qcn in download mode. or baseband. Well what sos is does is do away with the prl and catch whatever network is available because its emergency. Ruim mode I have observed in qxdm log that it tried to connect to network and then exit as "not preferred exit" again related to prl. what we have to do is tell phone to read prl from nv memory. this option was there in earlier hardware I think with nv item number as 885. Dont know if it is there now or coded into rom/software itself Update: Unbricked working like previously . ibnbazookaTried changing to system A only but no effect . any other trick in sleeves?
  6. LG Optimus F5 AS870

    Hi Guys , I am hell bent on making this cdma device work on reliance cdma sim. This is also same device called lucid 2 (vs870) but without crappy verizon firmware and its 4g lte divce on 700 mhz band. When cdma sim is inserted it detects the sim but does not connect to the network. When put in nv mode and prl enable with reliance prl uploaded to the device it will connect to 1x and evdo rev.A. This is not meid registered device so cannot activate directly on reliance therefore my only option is omh sim. So far have tried 3 sim old esn based sim, in this iccid was correctly showing but shows unknown in other sim. the recruc 06 cut to micro and recruc 05 micro sim. all relaince sim . have not tried any other carrier sim card as I dont have access to it. Note: In telephony manager viewer it shows sim operater as 311440 (its bluegrass cellular device) always but in old esn based sim it shows as 40510 (reliance Karnataka) I think that device does not read prl from ruim or cannot read neither does it read prl from nv when it is in RUIM mode. In RUIM mode prl version is shown 40000 or unknown. I did not find anything in qxdm which indicate where to read prl from ruim or nv. In qxdm log view it get disconnects from network as "not preferred exit" so again it points to prl and also to the question if it does not read prl from nv or ruim then what prl it is using ? Since this 4g phone I wonder does it require 4g sim or Usim initially. Those airtel guys were to not ready give 4g demo sim to test. otherwise I could have test how usim is read from phone whether anything works or not. Things I have tried. 1. Making it nv mode and installing reliance prl. yes does connect to reliance network 2. patch to enable gsm from XDA 3. Enable gsm and lte bands with qxdm and qpst again from XDA 4.Vs870 firmware in place of original as870 firmware same thing it cannot connect to network in ruim. 5. tried gsm sim after enabing bands and also applying patch. nothing work on this too. 6. Tried editing build.prop hundreds of times for various reasons. changing operators name in build allows to dial *228 in nv mode otherwise it will give msg that sim card has config our service blah blah. Things yet to try 1. USIM or 4g sim 2. tata or mts cdma sim 3. other series of reliance sim. Accidentally and Surprisingly got idea to dial 911 in ruim mode. it does connects to reliance network and says check the number you have dialed . It remains emergency mode for 5 mins and I can receive calls. Cant dial anything because it will come out of emergency mode and will not connect to network in normal mode. This too points out that some other prl is being used. I request any expert in this field to help me crack this who knows we might end up cracking many devices once you find out what stopping it from reading ruim prl or nv prl. In the end I got collection of all cdma sofwares I will keep adding points as I research and experiment more and more. If got it worked I will put up solution so that everyone can use cheap 2600 rupees cdma phone which has got all the features. Heartily Thanks for this wonderful forum and experts who give time to us to solve our problems. Sunny
  7. Blackberry Q10 -- CDMA

    Does it detect the sim atleast? what does it show for prl version for the both the sim? Please tell as it will help me. I am working my as870 to work on ruim.
  8. Blackberry Q10 -- CDMA

    Hey Aakashpsp , will this work in optimus lg f5 As870 cdma phone? it detects sim but does not latch onto to network keeps searching for network. dont know Whether verizon sim card trick will work. I dont have verizone sim.
  9. Guys plz help me with this phone. ruim get detected but no service and I dont think it reads prl from ruim at all. but in nv mode reliance prl works. please help.
  10. It does catch the reliance network in NV mode with reliance prl but with ruim (recruc 06 series mini sim cutted) it does not latch onto network. Should I Just buy new sim and config meid into the phone and activate it? Is there any other to make latch on to reliance network in ruim mode. or can we try other sim cards
  11. Hi here are the pics, http://i59.tinypic.com/1112mpx.png http://i57.tinypic.com/23tnxnb.png
  12. If you have root access, then you need to delete a file, go to data/data/com.Android.providers.telephony/database/"telephony.db" -> this file, delete it and reboot. This should reset all network settings present in the phone. Not sure if this will work. Tried it nothing happened. it simply show searching network. I have same phone. cannot updated prl also it shows prl version 40000. anything else we can do?
  13. @ruiner21 4999 pack ? which one is it? seems too costly to me. here in bangalore reliance is giving 999 truly (no cap) unlimited on cdma though have not tried since I have airtel broadband at home. There differencing between circles too much.
  14. As I have searched that cdma phones display Meid and another info from ruim when present. Even in my bb 8830 and others I have search on net. But I have this lg vs750 which does not show meid and other info from ruim no matter what I do (i have tried ruim config to ruim only and if avail in cdma we, dfs, qpst). Now I want to know why Is it radio problem? need patched radio or something which is impossible for this phone to get or is it because phone is meid based and sim is old esn based(I think) though phone is able to detect iccid of ruim. or is it specific to window mobile 6.5? Technicaly i think phones is capable but dont know what is stopping it. Do you suggest creating thread for this? or please direct me to person who can answers I think in all the cdma phone when ruim is enable they will read meid from ruim not from nv. I am pretty sure if this happens it can accept ruim cdma card and start working in cdma networks. Thanks in Advance
  15. 6126 kbps on my BlackBerry 8830!

    Yes...I read on net about opera... so it means that file is not at all downloaded to our mobile but on opera server only my defualt bb browser is now working but opera is working strange... do you guys have any other option to test net speed on mobile.. opera mobile not available for 8830