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  1. Poll: Top Smartphones For 2013

    To get more accurate result, minimum 40% voting out of total active members should be good.to see score of Nokia and blackberry is like candidate of other parties.
  2. baap re itne participants!!!!!! last time honest ji ne 6 mar diya. hum bhi try karenge. can u add my name in list please.
  3. Can anyone suggest a good external battery.present infibeam selling burgundy power bank 6000 mah at 899. Any good deal than this .any better or trusted brand.
  4. anyone finds very good deal to buy from these. we dont want to miss. please all guys post some good findings for rimweb members for 12/12/12
  5. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Park Avenue Fragrant Soap- Set of 3 (125gms each) at 29+19 shipping=48/- only here- http://www.shopclues.com/park-avenue-deo-soap-set-of-3.html
  6. homeshop offer!!! Samsung Galaxy S3 Rs. 29995, Galaxy S2 Rs. 23799 link:-http://superdeals.homeshop18.com/deals/samsung-apple-superdeal/
  7. any deal for panasonic corded phone also? i want to buy landline for my office. price range 400-1000
  8. Best Voice Recorder

    finally my brother bought ZOOM H1 made by zoom corporation JAPAN. excellent quality product. there are many models by zoom. another option is TASCAM.
  9. Collect Your Freebies !

    hi, did rewardme despatch samples to small city? any member pls confirm who lives in small city.
  10. Please suggest a CDMA Handset For TATA

    buy bb9350 from parin at 6500/.
  11. Collect Your Freebies !

    dear friends, i have got 250 off on 500 purchase on ebay in my 2 a/cs. pls recommend best options to buy.
  12. How To Leave Internet Addiction?

    dear friends, i have got addiction of internet. today also sitting on pc since last 5 hours. pls help how to get rid of it.i use internet daily for 3-5 hours in which 2 hours are just waste of time by chatting and other unproductive sites. what to do?