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  1. Hey any idea how to play jio tv on iPad .. I am unable to do so Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I think people out here has taken enough nonsense from them. They talk as if they doing favour to us . We should post out comments on consumer forum and let people know what kind of service they are providing . And see if we all unite and take legal action against them.
  3. PPOBox is always a sh*it! It's being run by bunch of fraudsters and unprofessional people. Around 1.5 years ago they lost my iPhone 5s 32 GB worth $750, my phone was arrived in Mumbai I paid duty and it was shipped to some other location than my address, when I complained they didn't take any action for days and then they came up with news that it was lost!! Same thing happened with my friend and fellow Rimweb member Akhil, he also lost his iPhone 5 with them the same way. It is not by accident, PPOBox people are thieves themselves who steal high value phones. No one is taking action due to lack of knowledge of Consumer Protection Laws, I have my full draft of complaint ready with me and I am visiting Mumbai within next 2 weeks to file a case against these moro*ns in District Consumer Forum. I have been telling everyone not to use their shi*tty services for high value phones, someday you will get a surprise for sure!! People are still with them cos they are the cheapest until last month .. Now that they also hiked the customs ... People will consider moving out .. But do we have any other good provider ... How is SNS doing lately ? Are they good ? Sent from my CAPTAIN using Tapatalk
  4. PPO Box is s%%%% now .. they lost my 400$ iphone 6 plus .... USPS confirmed its delivered .. even spoken to the main guy at NY post office .. they said .. they have been receiving lot of complains regarding PPO that shipments are being missed even after delivery ... very soon they will inform the authorities about the same .. and when i contacted ppo they gave a pre signed editable pdf document confirming that they dint get it .. and when i asked for the contact numbers .. they gave me number which never worked ... i dont dont what to conclude here .. If anybody has similar issues let me know so that i can put forward a strong case ..
  5. did anybody notice that PPO packages are slow now ??? they stopped sending invoices before arriving in Mumbai ... and customs for phones increased to 18% .....
  6. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    is it going to ODIN mode ?? if yes try to flash the stock rom again
  7. Good to know bro .. Lesson learnt I guess ... Ask your shipper to insure and do priority always ... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Blackberry Q10 -- CDMA

    I might have two to three RGERUC sims lying around .. If anybody needs contact me Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Thats seriously worse .... Ask your seller for delivery confirmation ... Which is add on service to these mailing option .. This way your packets will not go missing. What's the update on the missing parcel. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. was it priority mail ??? or package service ??? or first class ???
  11. LG G3 F400 GSM/CDMA

    i know you are eagerly waiting for this
  12. Thanks for posting this !!!
  13. SNS is trouble lately ... packages getting dispatched fater 5 to 7 days ... Not a good sign ...