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  1. Water Proof Handsets

    Another one from Kyocera - Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro.
  2. Is the Android version 4.2 (I think S4 ships with 4.2)? If yes, it might be difficult to recover the files as Android uses folder emulation for /sdcard. Basically one folder within the /data partition (internal memory) of the phone is used as sdcard, and external sdcard (if any) might be mounted to some alternate location. This was chosen by Google because it fits well with their multi-user support and manufacturers anyway started shipping with bigger internal memories as internal memory got cheaper. Now, the problem with this approach is that /data (internal memory) uses linux filesystem (generally ext2) and if /sdcard (which is now actually a folder under /data) is directly exposed as USB mass storage, Windows PC's would detect them as unknown filesystem and offer to "format" the sdcard" - which is not what Google wants it's users to even accidentally do - so they removed USB MS support. MTP and CTP are filesystem-agnostic (not dependent on filesystem) and can be used with any filesystem internally. I'm really not sure what options are there for you, but if what I said above is the case, you might have to look for ext2 recovery tools. Going little advanced you could probably use root / recovery and use 'dd' or Recovery's backup option to take .img or disk backup of internal sdcard (or /data if internal sdcard option is not available) - copy the backup disk image file to a linux PC, mount it and use linux based ext2 filesystem recovery tools to look for the photos in that disk backup. Where is your friend based? It's an interesting engineering problem, if logistics is not an issue, I can try to help.
  3. Yes, recently did 2-3 porting - same process - send SMS, get port code, apply with new operator, 7 days bingo - new network. Actually 7 days is approximate, got port Uninor to RCDMA in 4 days, whereas port Uninor to Aircel took 7 working days.
  4. If you're inclined towards Sony Xperia - Xperia L is a good option ~15-16K
  5. In your budget, I would recommend going for something branded - Galaxy S advance is a good phone in that range - if you can relax till 15K, LG Optimus L9 is the best you can get. IMHO branded phones can last 2-3 years easily getting you good resale price also which none of these Indian Chinese makes can ever dream of.
  6. Tabbed file explorers have been there from the beginning of GUI Linux.
  7. ^^^ Really good headset - can connect simultaneously to two phones, good voice quality, decent range. Best deal was 494 Rs some days back on cromaretail.com, but for 650 also it's worth.
  8. RIMweb Meet - Hyderabad

    I'm in. If you think HITEC City is a decent alternative place (I know it's nowhere near the center), I can arrange for place in a restaurant.
  9. What a man! I'm interested in local pickup the bulky printer, if couriering doesn't work out. I can also help in picking up local SCH-LC11 myfi units, program them and ship them to whoever you originally wanted to send.
  10. If that doesn't go through, I'm interested in picking up from Hyderabad local.
  11. No VGA port in 32HV10ZE. Only HDMI in, Component in, Composite in.
  12. I think this must have been the problem cause on putting the headset in and out a couple of times, the phone started respinding normally. Had same problem in my Kyocera Rise. If the problem keeps repeating, get this app from Market - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devandroid.headseticon It puts a notification whenever there is an headphone inserted - that would help you find out if your phone is thinking there is a headphone inserted even when there is none.
  13. ^^^^ Maybe your DIAG mode is not enabled - have you found your SPC code and enabled DIAG mode using ##DIAG## ???
  14. Handset Launches - News Snippets

    ^^^ Galaxy Grand Quattro is same as Galaxy Win - http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_win_i8550-5392.php
  15. MNP after Change-Of-Ownership?

    Yeah, even I was surprised - if you've the port code, you can kidnap somebody's number