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  1. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Hitesh ji, could you please tell me whether all new reliance cdma sims are OMH or do I have to specifically request for one. I have ordered Razr M and have lost my Reliance CDMA sim, therefore would get a replacement from R-World. yes one at a time !
  2. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Thanks Hitesh Ji & Vinay Ji, I intend to use it one at a time. Primarily for Reliance CDMA.
  3. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    I wish to buy an OMH handset that supports both GSM & CDMA sims without any modifications. I wish to buy Razr M xt907 and wish to know whether I can just purchase Verizon Razr M and use it with Reliance and Vodafone here in India by just popping in the sim or will have to do some programming. Also can custom to Roms be flashed without affecting cellular capabilities.
  4. Before browsing the forum and getting aware of the difficulties faced by members. I have placed an order for a $220 Tablet and provided the shipping address that of PPOBox. Now I am scared. The seller has shipped the product via USPS and its insured, I have also created a new shipment with PPOBox and fortunately opted in for Insurance. I have also submitted ID Proof, eBay Invoice and Paypal receipt. What I wish to know is that whether there is anything else apart from praying that I need to do to avoid any hassles or being slapped additional duty. Previously I had used SNS for a couple of shipments but nowadays Aramex takes 8 Days to deliver domestic product to Kolkata and therefore decided to try PPOBox. I was of the opinion that as PPOBox and iShopinternational are both ICC Worldwide's entity, the service must be good. Hope I am proven correct.
  5. Letsbuy Shuts Down Store, Redirects To Flipkart

    It was inevitable. For the past few weeks they were giving deals on products and not delivering any of them. They were just stocktaking and now after the inventory is evaluated they have transferred their establishment to Flipkart.
  6. Issues with Palm Pixi Plus - Please Help

    I had Pixi Plus sometime back and was able to run Angry Birds and some other Apps with some minor Lag. I guess first you need to install GOVNAH and overclock your Pixi plus.
  7. Blackberry 8530 Issues

    #rajeshkparmar Just change your BB Id in SPC to 14655, this did the trick for me
  8. 16GB for Rs.13249/- http://www.letsbuy.com/blackberry-playbook-16gb-p-18317 32GB for Rs.15749/-http://www.letsbuy.com/blackberry-playbook-32gb-p-18318
  9. Blackberry 8530 Issues

    Update: After changing the BB Registration ID as suggested by Sunilj45 the phones's reboot problems has been solved as well. For the Past 1 week the phone has functioned flawlessly. Thanks to you guys. Hope it continues to work flawlessly.....
  10. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    I envy you Parin Bhai.
  11. Blackberry 8530 Issues

    ^ Thanks Bro, Really it solved the problem. I am grateful.
  12. Blackberry 8530 Issues

    ^ Tarun Ji, I did a complete wipe with BBSAK and did a fresh OS install a couple of times, but to no avail. Don't know what to do?
  13. Blackberry 8530 Issues

    Guys please help.... Also took it to BB Service centre, he wasn't able to understand the problem. The pop ups are very frequent almost immediate after device reboots. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Blackberry 8530 Issues

    As no one suggested any measure my problems have aggravated. I had disabled GPS and now also Data but the device continues to Reboot itself by showing a pop up. Right now it is in a continuous reboot cycle. Can Someone Please help it is getting unbearable. I have attached an image and a video. It is not of good quality but I hope at least someone understand what I am stating. HAPPY DIWALI
  15. Happy Diwali And Great New Year Ahead!

    Wishing Everyone A Happy & Safe Diwali