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  1. Yes i do agree with u. Even i had sent on 5th April. I believe, update at-least once in a month would be good for the people who are eagerly waiting with patience from a month .. please post some updates.
  2. Dear Sadikk Bhai, I am sorry to say that even i was one of them who used to send many mails. But at that time i was not aware of this thread. Once i came to know about this thread i stopped sending mails and started checking updates here. If you wud have pointed me to this thread in the first mail reply may be i wudnt have sent those extra mails. And also Sadikk Bhai please note that i hav sent MEDI details twice , once in plain mail( before coming across this thread) and another with excel sheet with my details along with image. Please take care of that. waiting for the result now Thanks Munez
  3. Dear All, I have some suggetion regarding MEID registration Updates. I dont have any problem waiting till my MEID gets registered. But my concern is that whether Sadikk Bhai has received our payments and has our requests is being considered. For example, I have made payment and also i have sent my meid details in excel sheet along with image. But I have not received any acknowledgment that they have received my payment and meid details. So y not to create a list called "request queue" or something like that? and post them meid update thread. So atleast we people know that our request is under process and then we can relax and wait till Sadik Bhai updates the processed MEID list. Thanks & Regards Munez
  4. First of all thanks to Sadik Bhai n Hetal Bhai, Actually I was not aware of this thread. I have already transferred Amount to specified account. But I have not sent my MEID detail in Excel format as specified in this thread , because i was not aware of this thread Instead i have sent my MEID id as a plain email reply. So I am going to download the excel sheet and fill the details and send it back to specified email again. I hope it will not create any confusion. thanks Munez