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  1. How to Release Lost MEID?

    thanks guys got it working *228 is working EDIT hey guys there one more thing i need a HCC thanks
  2. How to Release Lost MEID?

    yeah i tried asking guys at webworld to release rsn even gave them my old no but its still the same, the webworld here s**ks really bad so i can't expect much from them
  3. hey guys i had made a meid lost request and transferred the number to ruim now after 6months i want to re use my old palm pixi so i told the cc guys to raise a found request so that *228 can be enabled but they said it can't be done, i tried all i could but it not working is there anyone on forums who can help me release my meid ? A100000B8CDEB0 thanks PS i am trying this for 2months now so you guys are my last hope
  4. Palm Pixi + Touchscreen Stopped Working

    yeah it works my pixi just got a new life try it
  5. Palm Pixi + Touchscreen Stopped Working

    hey guys try this trick if your touchscreen has stopped working turn your pixi on and hold it against a tube light (facing the screen on tube light ) turn the tubelight NO do this 3-4 times and your touch screen will get a new life PS you can try this with crt tv also it works because of the static charge from tubelight/crt tv
  6. EVDO on Palm Pixi Disconnecting

    yeah i tried all but still the same evdo username and password in in AN tab and phone number in PPP tab but still evdo gets disconnected after 20-30secs the icon completely disappears
  7. EVDO on Palm Pixi Disconnecting

    hey when i turn data on the internet is working and i get a 3G icon on top but it gets disconnected after 10-20sec this happens all the time, i didn't had this problem on 1x is there something wrong with programing ? i am using evdo prl 5 thanks
  8. i am getting error "message retries over" what should i do ?
  9. Changing Number on Palm Pixi +

    well you see HCC cards are not available anymore and raising phone lost request will take atleast to 2-3 days, is there anyother quick way ?
  10. Thanks i activated this plan last night working great on my palm just wanted to know is this 24hours plan like if i activate it at 2pm it will be valid till 2pm next day or day plan which will end at 12am midnight ?? thanks
  11. Changing Number on Palm Pixi +

    hey guy am using palm pixi plus with reliance cdma and wanted to know is there anyway to change my current number ? i want to use new reliance number on the same phone if i did RSN change to transfer my current palm number to sim will i need to re-register my meid ? please tell me know the detail process thanks
  12. Palm Pixi Back Cover Problem

    buy touchstone charging kit it from ebay global easy buy it comes with back cover, you can get it for cheap if you got 15% off coupon