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  1. Samsung Axiom JellyBean Data Solution

    ADB Driver installed properly,showing on Device manager,then whats wrong?Any other way?
  2. Samsung Axiom JellyBean Data Solution

    Rooting stuck on daemon started successfully.Please help.
  3. Dr.Famaroze@thanks for reply.Will I flash LH2 Odin.tar with out SIM? Dr.faramroze@Will I flash lh2 Odin tar with out reliance sim?
  4. Kalaichelvi@I am using Reliance OMH SIM card.HSD already activated on it.So with out withdrawing HSD service, it is not possIble to swap my number to a blank omh card.I don't know how to stop HSD for Reliance.dr.faramroze@ I am facing Reliance data problem on 4.0.4 also.In case of Reliance, phone is not showing right PRL version.I have tried to upgrade JB, link provided by you but geting signature verification failed error.
  5. I am facing a typical problem on my Samsung stellar.It is running on 4.0.4 and baseband version I200VRLH2.Only Tata evdo is working even no data (1x and evdo) for reliance.Reliance PRL version is showing 2. DONT KNOW HOW TO FIX! NEED HELP. By the way,there is a apk, samiota.apk. that also work in ICS for enableing hidden menu.