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  1. A couple of months ago, i had bought HTC One XL from e-bay , the phone use to hang a lot, when i contacted the seller, he was not able to answer my problem, so a friend of mine removed the original rom and replaced it with viper xl rom, but after that the phone has started to miss the network signals , all of a sudden the network goes off, this happens sometimes 3-4 times a day, Kindly suggest what to do. satin.
  2. I own a palm pixi and the back cover has started to peel from the edges,The silicone is peeling away from the plastic cover entirely.and charging flap is also hanging away from the body though having to glue the metal back onto the charging flap has also not solved the problem.and i think the back cover is also not available easily in india Am i going to continue having this problem if i buy a new backcover? It is strange that no one has pointed to this problem over here and any remedies anyone can suggest please. satinder
  3. How To Get Data On Palm

    Thanks for the advice, My pixi is working on reliance and running web os 1.4.5 i had installed the activation bye pass tool after downloading from rim web only, still i am not able to connect to qpst. satinder.
  4. How To Get Data On Palm

    Hi everyone, I am a verizon palm pixi user, trying to get 1x data on my phone, but i am unable to connect to qpst 2.7, after connecting my phone in usb mode to my laptop, and initialising qpst config when i type ##USBPASS# nothing happens, i even tried typing ##8727277# as mentioned on this thread, kindly guide me as how to connect to qpst, could there be a problem with qualcom file that i downloaded as there are several versions available, which one to download. Thanking you in advance Satinder
  5. Hi everyone, I have a palm Pixi which i am using with REliance. I wanted to know couple of things from all the gurus 1.) Is it possible to sync my Palm Pixi with Palm Desktop on my computer for adding contact nos. calender itrms etc. 2.) How to use apps from Precentral or from anywhere else, kindly explain. Thanking you all Satinder.
  6. Thanks Mr.Rajan Mehta, Parin, Praful and everyone- finally I have managed to have my phone working.Before going to Tusshar i thought of giving one last try and that did the thing and i was thro. Three days back when my phone went into coma, half my world was shattered, suddenly i was all alone cut off from the rest of world, my friend from canada was to call me, my business links were broken and all of a sudden the world came to halt, no one new how to mend this phone,I was depressed my new phone had gone dead, and when i found this site, i was totally new to all this and when i went through the forum i couldnt understand what everybody was talking about-Meid ,ESN and all that, but i had a hope that something was possible here. It was through the efforts of Mr.Rajan Mehta, Parin and Praful who guided me step by step and I was through, what is great about this site is that everybody is willing to help each other without any personal interest. Once again I thank everyone who has helped me without you my phone would still have been dead. Satinder.
  7. There is something more that i wish to know, after i enter into recovery mode by removing battery and then re-inserting it and after doing all that stuff, how to put that by pass rom once that big usb icon appears . Thanks once again Satinder
  8. Thank you Rajan and Parin for your advice, pls also let me know couple of things, before I proceed further 1.) whether i would be required to remove the the update of 1.4.5 that i had earlier downloaded and which had caused all the problem. 2.) After downloading the bypass rom, would i need to do all the settings for unlocking/jailbreaking my verizon palm pixi, which the seller had done earlier, as for that matter i only have a RSN no. or the phone would start working as earlier. Please bear with me I am very new to these things. Thank you all once again. Satinder.
  9. I have recently purchased a palm pixi plus, everything was working fine until yesterday, when i upgraded my phone to 1.4.5, now it is asking me to sign up palm profile, when i do that, the message says , it has failed, the phone is now hung, and does not proceed any further. It is because of this problem that i am here with you people who i guess are veri experts, i can judge that after going through the forum discussions.Now my request to all gurus on this forum is to help me solve this problem as i am relatively new to all this. Thank you in anticipation. Satinder.