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  1. Yes it doesSent from my 710C using Tapatalk Thanks for reply..does it require any programming or it works out of box???Not lg volt 2 doesn't require any programming, it work out of the box on tata reliance and mts with calls sms and data on normal OMH sim cards Sent from my 710C using Tapatalk
  2. Yes it does Sent from my 710C using Tapatalk
  3. Novatel 4620l doesn't work on reliance data without the tweak. You need to program it for reliance Data Sent from my 710C using Tapatalk
  4. Sprint Note 4 Incoming SMS problem

    Use RGERUC series reliance sim in sprint note 4g to fix sms incoming problem.
  5. No bsnl evdo support on these handsets.
  6. what are the setting for data on TATA and MTS..For TATA, PPP username, T.NAI,NAI - AAAAAAAAAAAAAA@pda.ttsl.in Password ,AAA,HA - password For MTS PPP username, T.NAI,NAI - internet@internet.mtsindia.in Password ,AAA,HA - MTS
  7. after doing all these changes if anyone isnt able to get data on lg tribute, get qpst nv backup file from a untouched lg tribute, write it to your lg tribute , and then follow these reliance settings MCC = 404 MNC= 00 NAI = net HA password = net AAA password = net T. Nai = net Simple IP PPP username and password = net do this chnages on nv mode chnage to ruim only and insert reliance sim you will get data
  8. Sprint S3 L710, can be made RUIM, but it require removing embedded sim ic and soldering jumper wires to sim flex(which is also require , r530 or i535 sim flex). and also have to cut body so that sim flex get fit.
  9. On LG tribute and lg volt reliance OMH sim other than RGERUC series works
  10. Yes, GEB orders for LG tribute are now canceled by seller i2cworld. So it is advice not to block your money there. Instead use PPOBox to buy.
  11. Huawei ec315 won't unlock from cdma workshop or Dfs, you need either mkey or riff box to unlock the device. I have done unlocking of this model through riff box.
  12. For everybody's information, LG tribute ls660 sprint/virgin/boost LG volt ls740 sprint/virgin/boost HTC desire 510 sprint boost virgin HTC desire 816 sprint boost virgin All these above can be unlocked for cdma ruim tata reliance and mts with evdo Rev b If someone want to know more details, they can contact me or email @ info@cdmaplus.com Or +91-9555888222