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  1. G4 had issues in US Please check and buy Sent from my LG-H950 using Tapatalk
  2. So what bands are airtel using in mumbai for 4g?Can someone post the frequencies as well? Sent from my LG-H950 using Tapatalk
  3. Shopandship !!!! Sent from my LG-H950 using Tapatalk
  4. Pls share the link bro ...! listing expired available in 14,700 use HDFC 15% cououn to get INR 1500 discount thats a S820 link, not a P780 link
  5. I am also using this plan and its really good in ap mh and karnatka...but not roamed to othr cities so do not know abt 3g stats thr...only catch is when roaming u r sms are charged ....Sent from my GT-I9082 using Tapatalk 2 this plan is not the 1299 plan but the 1499 plan, where there are zero charges ( 1499 plus taxes )
  6. For those, who's local calling below 333 minits per month, which were free, and frequently roaming, a best plan. Moreover 200 Local & National SMS's also free. doesn't really help if you are roaming right? all the free calls and sms's are from home network, which means when you are not roaming!
  7. too expensive a plan if actually used for calls while on roaming!
  8. fantastic and a great review on tbhp!
  9. hi any chance of feedback from bangalore users? especially data on mobile and prepaid?
  10. Must be an error Where u located Sent from my HTC Incredible S using Tapatalk 2
  11. I don't b!tch about everything And opening a thread about broadband plans where the USP is making calls is misleading Get the point ?