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  1. according to sales team, it works with normal line itself, so no rewiring or optical cable is required. but my guess is it requires 2 lines internally to get 40mbps, but again speed cannot go more than that
  2. 2 months back I got V-Fibre and my speed reaches 20mbs, the sales team promised 40mbs but the customer care insists that I will not get more than 16mbs. and according to some of the blogs its a marking scam. I paid 1k to upgrade the modem and still no hope of getting 40mbs. A look at the modem configuration shows 2 lines and only one is active other one is disconnected. Any one facing same issue.
  3. Tried my luck for one more time at jio office, this time they r asking for 400+RS and ECS mandate for post paid
  4. my barcode shows redeemed. my earlier attempts were done with some field agent and a jio store at my office (which is closed now) and reliance digital store are hell bent on bar code.
  5. after trying 2 times, now I donot have any barcode to try a another attempt
  6. That may be the trick, I remember the jio agent selecting Reliance GSM on my 2nd attempt. is it possible to modify my current application? so that I need to have to apply again?
  7. u r lucky, for me they say that they have not received the request from jio and jio says that port code is rejected by reliance
  8. Is there a way to validate port code?
  9. From last 2 days I am only getting 2G network, and rarely 4G. some times there is no signal at all. manual switching to Aircel or DOCOMO network fails. my region, Whitefiled, JP nagar - Bangalore Handset - Mi Max Any one getting similar issues? or its handset problem?
  10. well i just want to port from rcom now
  11. Just checked with reliance digital store and they told me that no info received for MNP
  12. Suggest good 4G postpaid plan

    read the link i provided, ***The data usage would be 1GB unlimited. This would mean beyond 1 GB unlimited benefit would continue at the 64kbps speed.
  13. Suggest good 4G postpaid plan

    I will be switching to jio later by chat, I donot know the full details. but the similar plan is listed @ http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/DL_GSM_Traiff.html not sure if its same.
  14. u were r8. i did not check your replay. i was on some speciald49_n plan and ended up consuming 400mb from 2days