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  1. I think this must have been the problem cause on putting the headset in and out a couple of times, the phone started respinding normally.
  2. Recently purchased an S2 Plus handset. All was working fine. Suddenly the mic of the handset in normal mode stopped working. When put on loud speaker it worked well. What could be the problem and the possible solution for it? How can the mic work in loud speaker mode and not in the normal mode? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Nexus 4 - The Next Google Flagship Phone is Official

    Now that Nexus 4 is retailing in India, would you still prefer to buy it from India where you have to pay 6k more or get it from the US for 20k odd.
  4. OMH CDMA phones available in India market

    Desire VC Selling for 13,600 INR. Seems like a good deal esp for people using data on CDMA.
  5. Are Lenovo CDMA phones available now?

    The problem is that they have only boxed models and not open models. Also I highly doubt them to allow us to put sims in as usually inserting sim means that the warranty period for the phone has started. I have been also told that in reputed stores that have sample phones on display, they box the phone and sell it to buyers if they are very keen to buy it and that given model is out of stock with them.
  6. Lenovo in Feb announced that the will be releasing CDMA+GSM phones in India - Source Are the phones already here? Recently my Dad went to a Lenovo store and there he was shown a handset which was Dual Sim. So I asked him to visit again and get more details. Today he visited it again and noted down the phone names and prices. Lenovo Mobiles Models Price ---------- ------------- A60+ Rs. 6500/- S560 Rs. 14499/- P700i Rs. 11800/- S880 Rs. 16990/- S890 Rs. 18800/- Now on checking on reputed sites I see that most of them are Dual Sim GSM phones, but still Lenovo Store employees claim them to be otherwise. All the above phones are having a real good spec and very attractive price points. Does anybody have any further information on the phones that CDMA+GSM phones Lenovo plans to release?
  7. Like the S3 duos, there are many other phones which work on CDMA and GSM in China. Can these phones if brought to India be used directly out of the box or, will they need some work to be done on them to make them work in India.
  8. Skytel Dual Sim CDMA Handsets

    Source Happened to click on Special Privileges on RCOM website. There under CDMA handset, two devices, SM300 and SM900 are listed as Dual Sim Android Handsets. Not Much Details are mentioned on the website regarding them. SM300 - Description Android 2.3, 3G, Smartphone, 3.5" Capacitive Touchscreen, WiFi b/g/n, Dual SIM, Dual camera, Flash etc. SM900 - Description Android, 3G, Smartphone, 4.3", Capacitive touchscreen, Dual SIM, Dual camera Does anybody have any other details on them.
  9. Samsung Galaxy S IV - The Next Big Thing!

    Samsung did evolution rather than revolution!
  10. Handset Launches - News Snippets

    The following news article says that Lenovo has started testing the handset Guj and Kar for the CDMA + GSM handset. http://www.morningwhistle.com/html/2013/Company_Industry_0225/217285.html Any more info on it.
  11. Handset Launches - News Snippets

    Samsung has released a dual sim smart phone cdma+gsm variant of S3 in China. Specs are similar to S3. Read more here - http://www.gizbot.com/mobile/samsung-mobile/samsung-galaxy-s3-duos-dual-sim-variant-010799.html I doubt this phone coming to India in the near future as Samsung recently launched Grand in India.
  12. Good AA Battery for Camera?

    Hey guys, needed some advice. Please suggest some good brand of AA battery along with the rating that would be good to use in a Point and Shoot camera without viewfinder and a powerful optical zoom. At the same time do suggest of rechargeable holder for it. Also advice on how to store the battery so that it doesn't get discharged quickly when the camera is not in use.
  13. 1X Data Not Keeping The Phone Engaged!

    Will there be a significant reduction in battery consumption if one is to access internet only through 1X. Also I wanted to know, on phones activated with EVDO, is it possible to change the settings such that we connect only through 1X.
  14. 1X Data Not Keeping The Phone Engaged!

    I have never faced a problem of receiving calls when the data is on. Both in Karnataka and Maharashtra.
  15. Conference calling on Samsung Galaxy POP

    I have a Galaxy Pop CDMA handset. I have gotten conf call activated with RCom. Whenever I get a call while I'm busy, if I try to pick up one call the other gets cut. Also when on one call I'm unable to add callers to the connection to make a conference call. Is there a problem with Samsung Devices and they not supporting the same, cause I asked my friend who has a Galaxy S2 GSM and he too was getting similar problems. If so, is there any way in which this can be rectified?