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  1. Google Nexus 7 Tablet

    Nice catch Mukesh Saab...
  2. I have updated to ios6. All configuration remained same even after restoring twice. Only PRL update was required and with the help of tool... its done... PRL update can also be done by traditional methods after jailbreak... 3G is working fine... Painful points are Jailbreak is still tethered SMS not working.... Incoming works... but not outgoing. Safari, Calendar arent working... May be I need to connect to redsnow and reboot once. If anybody solution for SMS please post here...
  3. Any news on ios6 comparability of this tool ??
  4. iOS5 on iPhone 4 CDMA?

    Hi All I am able to send SMS and delivered very fast but unable to receive immediately. Delayed almost 24 hrs , has anyone faced such issue ?? I am not talking about bank messages they aren't anyways working... Even normal SMS aren't working... Please suggest Thanks
  5. I have flashed one iPhone using the tool and then dialed *228. It says your phone cannot be activated and shows a notification that iPhone is not activated whenever phone is switched on. But I am able to make and receive calls as min is flashed. SMS works for mobile numbers but not spl numbers like 5676766 etc. did anyone faced similar issue?? Even under settings my number is shown as unknown. How to fix it??
  6. Whats the use of installing carrier bundle ??
  7. Has anybody tried installing reliance carrier bundle... ? any success for mms ?? I am currently working with ydiddy and rich to get mms thing work... any hints would be much appreciated...
  8. iPhone Servicing in Mumbai?

    Will they service Verizon iPhone 4 ?
  9. Arun, Parin, I am in for 2 credits.
  10. Looks like ydiddy had fixed mms for reliance. Will test it once i am back from vacation. One more exciting news is: tool will be supporting iPhone 4S too very soon. May be next week... Hope rimweb members can get some attractive discounts
  11. Yeah same here... I was willing to buy more credits but situation turned reverse... 100 $ for two devices is better option fit me.
  12. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    I am using epic touch, while I am on call suddenly signal bars goes completely zero and show up no signal icon.In next few seconds signal is there, in between I had to disconnect the call. I have recently did a factory reset, and flashed evdo nv items as it wasnt working. Have I missed anything else. Is that creating the signal issue ? Signal Strength: -91dbm 2 asu PRL Version: 10005 Username: omhtest@omh.relianceinfo.com Rimweb gurus, please let me know. Thanks, Kareem
  13. One thing I forgot to share, this tool enables personal hotspot and it works damn smooth... I havent done such thing before... so its a wonder for me :Sorprendido: Settings -> Network -> Personal Hotspot It works on wifi, bluetooth and cable too... Try out...