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  1. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    go for FORD FIGO diesel very good ca, spacious fully loaded model with Air Bag & ABS and1.4 Fiesta engine is just superb. Put some more Vitamin M (Money) and buy this car.
  2. HTC Desire is best as it have many apps.
  3. i think custom duty may go around 25%
  4. I Have Ported My Number To....

    I have ported Idea to Vodafone. It took 6 days for porting.
  5. Is HTC Wildfire CDMA available in India?

    yes wildfire is a cdma handset but it is not launched in india yet. Its price is 15k. But you can buy from ebay.com or from rimweb member Hitesh Hambarde. Thanks Siddharth.