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  1. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    Why can't Reliance CDMA users take up this matter by complaining to TRAI? When a network provider gives a connection, it has certain legal boundations to follow. They cant just pack their bags and leave the consumer at no one's mercy.
  2. I happen to check a friend's Redmi Note 3 16gb version. We popped in my Relaince CDMA sim and it was working out of the box. Sent HSD to 55333 and voila, even EVDO was working at above 1mbps download speeds.
  3. Dear RIM Gurus, I know this might be a small matter for many of us, but right now it is a big panic for me. Preface: I have been using Moto G programmed to Reliance CDMA for more than an year now. Got it from US and got it programmed from a friend's friend. Everything was working absolutely fine until the phone hanged a little while ago. Assuming this as a normal issue, I long pressed the power button to switch off and restart it. Problem: I successfully switched off the phone. But when I tried to Switch it ON again, all the usual Moto G animations sprung up on the screen. But after all those animations, the screen totally goes black. The screen is not dying off, but displaying complete black. When I call my number in such state, it comes as 'Switched off'. On pressing the Power button + Volume Down button, the programming screen comes up with following options(as attached in the pic), but I am not sure what to do next. I do not want to do any experimentation and further screw up the matters. Have some very urgent work(from phone) lined up tomorrow morning, hence seeking help from you all. All I know is that one moment the phone was fine, I switched it off and its not switching on now. I am sure that I had not fiddled with any settings all this while. Thanks in advance. Regards
  4. Hitesh, What is the best way to backup all data for a noob like me. I want to unlock bootloader so as to remove some annoying features like voicemail notification, startup activation as well as restriction on wifi tethering. Should I follow conventional method of copying all the audios, videos and other media via OTG and use google account synchronization for saved contacts or is there a better integrated solution available? Regards
  5. Reliance CDMA Network Issue in Moto G & Moto X

    Its an apt thread at an apt time. I was travelling in Himachal Pradesh last week. While the signals on my Moto G with Reliance CDMA were fine till Shimla, as I ventured 120 km further towards a place called Rohdu, the phone showed absolutely no connectivity. It was so inconvenient and embarrassing because all other phones in my travel group (including Vodafone, BSNL, Airtel) were enjoying phone and internet connectivity, my Moto G was lying as a dumb brick. I heard that Reliance CDMA has a very good coverage and connectivity. So, is this problem specific to my Moto G or to the network provider aka Reliance(the dunia mutthi mai fellas!). And how should I go ahead to avoid such situation in future?
  6. Thank you. Shall try to do the same.
  7. Hey Rimwebians, Having a wonderful Moto G experience on Reliance CDMA (A Big thanks to Mr.Hitesh for that). However I am facing an acute problem with 'voicemail pending' notification. This notification pops up once in a while and is quite irritating. Have checked my voicemail and the inbox is clean. And cannot locate any other pending voicemail which could be deleted/read. Need the help of forum veterans and fellow members in getting rid of this problem. I have tried clearing the voicemail or disabling it from the settings, but none of it seems to work. Attaching a few screen snapshots showing the notification. Regards OT: If there is an already existing thread with similar issue, Mods may please merge it.
  8. Thanks for the prompt reply Hitesh. When I went to Reliance world for the number transfer request, they asked me to submit my CDMA SIM card. I found it quite odd, but then on a second thought, I felt that the the old SIM was of no use to me, so I submitted it. Shall be going to the same Reliance world tomorrow or today evening and shall see how they can help me. Regards
  9. My Moto G CDMA is MEID registered and I was using it for calling and SMS, sans the internet services. I decided to follow Hitesh Sir's tutorial to get EVDO programming. Now, EVDO is well programmed in my phone, but somehow I erased the MIN number(definitely due to my fault). Now I am stuck with my phone which is *228 ready, but on calling *228, they ask for a 9 digit PIN which is not known to me. Whats the way out? Any help would be much appreciated. Regards
  10. Blackberry 9650 Cdma/gsm Launched

    Yes, using normal GPRS on BB 9650. Though it acts up at times, not connecting at all some moment and working absolutely fine the very next moment.
  11. Recharging from www.vodafone.in is equally convenient. 1. No need to log in 2. Provides the details of amount entered before progressing (whether it is simple recharge, sms recharge or other) 3. Safer since you are not relying/paying up to some third party, transaction directly between vodafone and you.
  12. They are clearing lying about the incorrect image of the product as the spec sheet also mentioned QWERT Keyboard HTC G2. (Some member has saved it as mentioned earlier in the topic). I guess either they would have run out of the stock of the original product they listed OR they were cheating in the first place. The first priority for you is to get the refund now if you have already pre paid. So cancel the order and ask for refund. While doing so, keep all the records of communication like email or talk with them. Keeping all the record will help if you want to proceed further as mentioned later. If you ordered with cash on delivery, there should not be a worry for refund. Further then that, if you really have the time, energy and desire to teach them a lesson, you can do either / all / any of the following, File a case with a consumer court for deficiency of service, cheating, wrong product and demand compensation. File a criminal case of cheating U/S 420 of the IPC at the nearest police station. File a case of cyber crime for cheating, spoofing with the Cyber Crime Cell of your City Police. I know the above sounds cynical / time consuming / too much / improbable but those are pretty much the only avenues available to a harassed / cheated consumer in india. Some of them may not actually work also unless one is unrelenting / persistent. If none of the above is done, then post negative reviews about them on online blogs / forums. That should also cost them some future customers. And i am sorry that my well intentioned deal post might have actually landed you / OR others in disappointment. I repeat as already mentioned by Kanaga earlier, PLEASE ORDER BY COD ONLY When such an option is available. Thanks for the directions to proceed sir. Have sent a nice reply for their mail, they have not reverted back as of now. Talked to their customer care, they agreed upon the fault and assuring that I shall indeed be getting HTC G2 QWERTY only. But, on asking a written assurance, as the mail and what they are saying are contradictory, they express their inability to do the same(seems as a false assurance). Further, they are requesting to wait till 6th March (the deadline for the Express order to arrive) to let them deliver HTC G2 QWERTY as almost all the customers have raised an objection to their day light robbery and now they would be dispatching the originally displayed product only. Seems waiting till 6th March is the only resort.(I have per-paid so sort of stuck!)
  13. One of the many super deals told by Rajan sir on this forum. Confirmed about the phone's specifications and models and reconfirmed after ordering. The customer care assured that I would be getting as described. BUt unfortunately, the dealsandyou people are as unreliable as their reviews all over the net. Here is the mail I got today from them where they are trying to pretend innocent and changing the deal cleverly. Really angry over them, and want to let them understand not to take customers forgranted. Suggestions from RIMgurus and fellow membersw invited for the same. Dear Customer, Greetings from www.dealsandyou.com . This email is in regards to your order placed for the HTC G2 mobile phone against Order Id # 431124 Due to some technical issue, incorrect image of the product was displayed on our website. We truly apologize for the inconvenience caused due to this. The correct image of the product which will be delivered is provided below : (a pic of HTC hero is displayed) We request you to please reply to this email until end of day Monday, March 5th with confirmation so that we can process your order further. However, if we do not receive the reply within stipulated time, we will be processing refund or cancellation for the respective order basis the mode of payment selected at the time of order placement. Please also be informed that if the order mentioned above was placed using a marketing/campaign voucher, the same will be credited back in case of refund. Kindly accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused. We thank you for your understanding and thanks for shopping with DealsandYou.com. RegardsSupport Team Deals and You!!
  14. Going by the reviews from the forum, was tempted to buy from Letsbuy with additional 10% discount through the coupon code. (Order no: LSB-545312) Unfortunately, placed order on 27/10/11 but till date order not dispatched. After calling and waiting for pathetic customer care for 15 minutes, they tell me that product is out of stock! The customer care guys had guts to tell me either simply cancel the order or wait for another 10 days. Its plain cheating. How can they take an order unless they have the same in stock. Forum gurus... seeking your help.