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  1. Best Network In Delhi?

    I have been using Airtel, Vodafone,Idea & MTNL in Delhi for Voice calls for last 2 years now, AIrtel is decent but it has got black spots at quite a few places and if I may say the same goes for Vodafone & Idea. They have there pros & cons, in some places one is the Best Network and in the other you won't even find a single bar of network, I would suggest a demo at your home/office etc before getting a new connection, although I must say Idea has been the most consistent in network coverage since they bagged 900 Mhz Spectrum, vodafone has been the worst. As for MTNL just one word AVOID, in-doors you won't be able to make a single call, I can guarantee you that unless you live in high profile areas like where all the MPs live. Haven't tried other networks but what I have heard from my colleagues is that Tata is pretty decent and so is MTS, haven't heard much about RCOM CDMA or GSM. Aircel is also suppose to be decent, but I doubt it as I have personally faced major issues with Airtel and Vodafone and both are the oldest operators in Delhi and both have the largest numbers of towers besides being on 900 Mhz
  2. ya in Punjab there is alot of craze for 98888 series, vodafone/hutch first series here, but for Premium number lovers the game is in the last 6-7 digits, 9780000000 was auctioned for 15.5 lakhs in Punjab. Airtel last 7 digits same has a reserve price of 5 L, do you guys have info on Premium number pricing in any other TSP in your circle BTW FYI, Loop mobile Mumbai series 9821 has been now allotted to Airtel Delhi !! and there are many decent numbers avaible in it like 98210000xx
  3. I know but, the thing with new TSP launch is that they give numbers at discounted rates and sometimes completely free and such an opportunity comes once in a while, as I don't expect any new TSP launch in next 10 years, anyhow if anyone does get the pricing do post it here
  4. vanity numbers are decided by the last 5-6 digits like 000000,999999,333333 or 010101 series does not matter that much, fyi Nita Ambani has 70*1111111
  5. does anyone have info on Jio Premium/Vanity numbers?? Prices etc. ??
  6. Motorola Announces Moto G

    I don't think it will work in India as Indian CDMA frequency is 800Mhz and Moto G is compatible only with the following networks CDMA Model: CDMA/EVDO Rev A (850, 1900 MHz)
  7. Whatsapp On BlackBerry without BIS Plan?

    do soft reset hold alt+del+shift togehter