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  1. Palm Pixi+ N00B questions

    It is a problem may be you can check for the programs running in Background and stop the unwanted ones. You can do so with the help of WOQI and webos doctor Do You Have a How to guide?? I too am using Win7E 64x and i didnt have any probs with novacom drivers. send me your Mail id shall send you my copy of novacom drivers. you can check it if it works NOVACOM drivers can be used for using the device in Developer mode this is required for Using WebOS Quick Install (WOQI) this can be used to install a Lot of Applications and other stuffs using a Desktop/ Laptop alternative to OTA So WOQi is Used to update the phone SW and for that we need the NOVACOm drivers right? And the Desktop/Laptop alternative to OTA would be WebOS Doctor? I would suggest you to Charge it with original Cables only, For Make shift Nokia Datacable is Fine. If i use a Nokia Datacable along with a Micromax USb Charger like this would that be okay??? I am asking this because I have Heard about the voltage difference between US and Indian Electronics (110 vs 220v) You will find 2-3 sellers on ebay.com who sell 3 - 5 screen gaurds at 1.5 - 3$ including shipping http://www.ebay.com/...=item3a633038e0 Cases well you wont get them here in India for shure I had got a Silecon cover along with mine. but frankly it spoils the look of the handset. atleast i felt so Still,I am a bit paranoid any way to get a Case???
  2. Palm Pixi+ N00B questions

    Hi All, Just Got my Hands on a used PPx+ (Albeit Used - Link) for $55+$10 Shipping:).i must say i am very happy.But I have Some questions - 1.The Phone Gets heated up pretty Quickly.Its not a lot,But it is bad right? What should I Do? 2.My WebOS Version is 1.4.3.is the OTA Update The Only option?Cant It Be done using ant desktop Software? Like Nokia PC Suite Does For nokia phones? 3.of what use Is the NOVACOM driver? I am using W7E x64.The Installation On NOVACOM driver had obviously failed.Using UNI Should Fix it right? 4.The Seller Sent a Chinese Charger :mad: (Input AC90v-240v / Output - DC 4v-8v 400ma Max) .Should I Be Charging With It?I am using my Nokia data Cable to charge It for now 5.Are There any good Cases & Screen guards available With A Good price and free Shipping to India??? 6.Can My PPx+ Be connected to my PC in MTP Mode?? TIA