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  1. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Gonna do a Hard reset with stock firmware.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Try the MTP+DM+MODEM mode
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Visited the webworld today to meet the owner a friend of mine. My S3 only showed 1x inside but his Reliance tab and Samsung Corby Registered 3G. We did a YouTube test on both. His tab played the song continuously without the need to buffer in between. My S3 did not even play the damn song. What could be the problem ? Is it the Radio of this phone ? We both were in a showroom inside which is hardly 6ft from the main road. I'm rooted On CM10. Will revert back to stock and see the result in a few days. Really wish there was a solution for this. Anyone has any clue as in why this is happening?
  4. Samsung Galaxy S3

    My my did not realize GS3 to be in this position. I have no idea about HTC Evo 4G LTE. one of my friends from US studying in Manipal happens to have a HTC EVO 4G LTE and is still on Sprint. he had asked me to program it to reliance. im gonna do that and compare both the phones. as far as the looks and plastic feel, its up to the users. some may like it & some may not. i have not seen a S2 in person so i have no idea about it. but compared to EPIC i feel the GS3 is much better. and like dkaile sir said mic issues are there, but that again depends on the signal is what i have felt. will post more about both soon.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Yup @parin and @tanveer MX is the best. Thanks fellas. For CM10 users The new update released on Aug 10 shows 1x and 3G respectively. Facebook pics can be synced using "Facebook Contact Picture Sync" by sbla games. Its got Manual Linking & Un-linking options also.
  6. EVDO Speed Is Too Slow As Like 1X

    Speeds are not as before. Many networks all over India are feeling it. Here sometimes i get 1.8Mbps and 300 to 800kbps most of the time. The Reliance tower is right opposite to my shop.
  7. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Need Help With WMV and WMA files. which player has the all the codecs to support these files.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Today the speeds have tripled.
  9. Samsung Galaxy S3

    This test @ KFC Manipal. Not sure if its the S3 problem. My earlier post Clearly shows good speeds early Morning when no traffic is involved. But as day advances the number of users increase Which proves my earlier point.
  10. Samsung Galaxy S3

    @doc_anurag I'm in Medical Emporium Next to Alankar theater. Reliance tower located right in Front of my shop on top of ShriRam Residency.
  11. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Samsung Galaxy SIII Black (Piano Black) http://phandroid.com/2012/08/09/purported-black-galaxy-s3-shows-up-on-samsungs-facebook-page-dont-hold-your-breath/
  12. Samsung Galaxy S3

    @Hitesh no sir, i happened to meet this technical guy from Reliance. according to him there was a problem in one of their site, he asked me since when im facing the EVDO signal problem at home. ive had epic for almost a year until i got my S3. i had no problems with EVDO on my epic. i was getting 10**mbps at any given time. for sometime i thought it was the phone. But found out that i changed my phone to S3 and Reliance started some tower problem at the same time. anyway my problem will be solved soon as they are installing a new tower pretty close to my house. max one month to go. hoping for the best .
  13. Samsung Galaxy S3

    3G speeds @ Udupi Evdo signal is at full since my shop is located right in front of their tower. Customers for Reliance India Mobile and Internet access are increasing but nothing is being done to increase infrastructure. Emailed many RIM people regarding this, just hoping that someone will look into it and do some thing. When you claim 3.1mbps speeds, people will expect at least 1mbps.
  14. Samsung Galaxy S3

    @andydesai thanks for what. there are more experienced members here who know more about the same. If you search the net with proper words i bet anyone with a bit of experience can do the same S3 is awesome enzoooyyy !!
  15. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Nandroid backup gives wrong dates. Backup using Rom Manager, gives the right dates.