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  1. UIM Toolkit Not Opening In Samsung Galaxy Pop i559

    I also not able to open Rworld on my Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA Phone.
  2. What Is R-UIM Upgarde On Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA?

    what is is the role of "evdo", is it required for data uses in CDMA Mobile phones ?
  3. What Is R-UIM Upgarde On Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA?

    So OMH is Nothing but the CDMA SIM Card ?
  4. Hi ALL, I have Samsung galaxy pop (CDMA) handset, and every time when i restart my phone, there is a notification message appear on this phone i.e. "Please upgrade R-UIM, in order to obtain data services on your phone". So anybody can help me out of this, that how's it could be resolved, and am not able to access data services my phone yet. Is it required to replace my current SIM Card with OMH SIM card, is both of different, if yes then differ in what sense ?