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  1. to connect a Mac running OS X to a LG FWT altho tech support claims this cannot be done, it is infact fairly easy and works very nicely you need a USB to serial converter, a small DIN to RS232 cable, etc. I use a Keyspan because they have the best OS X drivers, tools and instrtuctions which can all be downloaded from their www site. Once the serial cable chain is set up, connected to your USB port on the Mac& the port on the phone, the driver software is installed and the keyspan port recognized, you still need a modem script. The modem requires the init string AT+CRM=1:LGPKT=3 and to be setup at 115 baud. no compression, no correction. The attached modem script will do that. It was made with a software tool, "Mac OS X Modem Script Generator" which can be downloaded [free] from the web, or via Apple. There are instructions on the Keyspan web site and in the Network Sepup asistant on the Mac to help you coonfigure everything. btw userrname and password are yr std code+phone number minus the leading zero the dialup number is #777 the connecton type is dialup modem, TCP/IP no DNS address, server assigns you an IP address best of luck LG_LSP_340E