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  1. I would not be importing used phones any more. Customs are really getting very strict with used phones. Isn`t it illegal to import them?
  2. They did call me and asked me to send ID and Address proof for customs clearance. They have also re-designed their website and have assigned new PPOBox numbers to previous account holders. However, three of my packages which reached NY early last week have all been delivered to me.
  3. Got this e-mail from Anuradha. Are PPObox also following this level of custom duty?
  4. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    Is the SIM unlock still working? Does the unlock process still work on Lollipop?
  5. Does anyone know how to get SPC/MSL code for the Sprint G Flex? ##443336772# does not work on this device. I am on ZV3 ( Android 4.2.2 )
  6. Case has been rectified. Pacakge was lying @ the Post Office for some unknown reason. Had to call them a few times to rearrange delivery.
  7. was it priority mail ??? or package service ??? or first class ??? Worse. Parcel select!
  8. Anyone having problems with PPOBox? Package delivered to their NY hub last Monday still not updated!!
  9. Is PPOBox nagging anyone else for invoices? Have sent PayPal payment details with correct declared value for packages. But, they are still nagging about invoices!!
  10. They have started charging as per Vol wt now. Got hit massively for my last shipment, since the seller used a Medium Flat rate box for shipping. Actual wt was only around 500g. But, was charged as per Vol wt ( 4.2 lbs )
  11. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    Hello Vinod Sir, I am on ZVE, as soon as I delete any pre-install app or even disable any google app like play movies etc, I am getting "com.android.phone" process has stopped working msg. Previously on JB this issue was not there . What should I do ? Above ZVD unlock process is for CDMA or GSM, as I use GSM only. Also How to sop ZVE update from being downloaded, I tried renaming LGFOTA.apk to bak also OTAcerts.zip to bak.. But phone sill downloads the upadate, this is costing me 3G data. I am fed up of this phone now.. please guide.. Boot into recovery and do a factory reset and clear cache. This will erase all data. To prevent autodownload, rename following file. /system/app find qcrilmsgtunnel.apk, to qcrilmsgtunnel.apk.bak and REBOOT.
  12. Were you able to get WiFi tether working on this version?
  13. Both PPOBox and BlueDart have taken a hit coz of the festive season. One of my shipments given to BlueDart by PPOBox on Saturday, is still lying in their retail warehouse. No updates since Saturday. Both PPOBox and BlueDart are not being helpful!!
  14. Motorola Droid Razr M (Global)

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2787763 You must be rooted.
  15. Not only are the custom charges high, their service has become very slow now. Packages taking more than 10 days to be delivered.